When Fun Eclipses Astrology – Aug 11-17

I thought I might get back to you further regarding the Solar Eclipse a bit sooner than now, but an Eclipse in my 10th House (by Sun Sign) Conjunct my Imum Coeli (IC, Opposite my Midheaven) in the Sign Leo Eclipsed my doing so;) It was a very big weekend in the small town where I live and the Sun was shining for ALL of it as only a Leo Sun would have it!

So here are the aspects in the rear-view mirror as Mercury behind the Sun will help you to process.

At 9:28pm (EDST) on Saturday night the Sun at 19:19 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 19:19 Capricorn.

Pluto has been polarizing someone from us since the Jul 12 Eclipse. He has us at odds with a person or persons Opposite the degree of the 1st Solar Eclipse at 20:44 Cancer. You will KNOW which person by the House placement of 18-21 Capricorn in your Natal Chart. This is a ‘shadow’ person who is acting in ways that show you the side of yourself that you repress either from shame or some other 3D motivation.

As the Sun made this adjustment aspect to Pluto on Saturday night, you were seeing what the adjustment was that needs to be made at this time. Don’t increase the polarity, but accept it and you can integrate the situation more easily.

At 3:41pm on Sunday Venus at 5:53 Libra Sextiled the North Node at 5:53 Leo.

Here our desires to relate got a bit of a boost from the Soulful North Node suggesting that fun and romance be applied.

At 10:14pm on Sunday night Mars Rx Ingressed back into Capricorn.

Mars continues his review of our motivations now regarding career and social status rather than socializing and social networking. You might notice the shift quickly as I did on Monday morning with a letter in the mail from my ’employer’ the local school District informing us of when we will be returning to school prior to the students. This letter follows the Eclipse in my House of career and Mars highlighting my ‘career’ (his return to Capricorn) in my 3rd House of early childhood learning (by Sun Sign).

Can you spot the change in your chart? Mars will remain in Capricorn until Sep 10 when he will Ingress Aquarius again. But Mars will Station Direct at 28:37 Capricorn on Aug 27 (10:05am). And I report back to work at the school on Aug 28. It is a part-time job that I have there.

There are no other aspects made between the Transiting Planets until Saturday, Aug 18. At that time the Sun will Biquintile Pluto Rx and Chiron Rx creating a rolling Finger of Merlin from 25+ Leo. This puts Pluto and Chiron in a Quintile, but it won’t exact until Sep 5. If this FOM aspects a Personal Planet, you will really feel the magic. It may feel more like a Boomerang FOM as the Sun is within orb or an Opposition to Damocles (an Asteroid of high anxiety) pouring the energy into 24+ Aquarius. Though the magical nature of the FOM will alleviate any anxiety for a few days and transform it into something effortless. On Sep 2 & 3 Mercury will move through this FOM making the Labor Day weekend effortless FUN!

On Aug 19 Mercury will Station Direct just after midnight (12:25am) at 11:32 Leo.

On Aug 26 we have a Full Moon at 3:12 Pisces/Virgo. This will bring an end to the Eclipse Wormhole and things will tend to slow down.

On Aug 27 Mars Stations Direct at 10:05am at 28:37 Leo.

On Sep 6 Saturn at 2:33 Capricorn Stations Direct.

So soon we will be out of the Wormhole and resuming some forward momentum in the closest Planets that are currently Retrograde!


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