Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo – Aug 11

At 2:31am (EDST) on Saturday Mercury Rx at 14:48 Leo Square Jupiter at 14:48 Scorpio.

This the 2nd of 3 Squares between Mercury and Jupiter: Jul 9; Today and Aug 28. There is some revising of expression around romance that needs to better align with our new intimacy philosophy. Honesty is the highest form of intimacy, so your communications need to incorporate that today.

At 5:58am the Moon at 18:42 Leo Conjuncts the Sun at 18:42 Leo creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

We are going to be initiating a new start in the areas of romance, creativity, fun/entertainment and children. Your feelings are in sync with your goals. You can SEE what is ahead and it will bring you more personal attention in the area of your life where you have 18+ Leo.

If you don’t have all of the clarity you need at this time, it will be forth-coming. Much of it depends, of course, on how this Eclipse hits your Natal Chart.

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