Higher-Mind, Soulful & Karmic – Aug 9

I hope that you got all the conscious clarity you could muster yesterday at the Inferior Conjunction. It was quite illuminating for many situations in my reality. Hope it was for yours.

We currently have 6 Planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and Chiron Retrograde, so if you have noticed some ‘ghosts from the past’ surfacing that occurs with just Mercury Retrograde. If you feel like you have traveled back in time in certain situations while retaining forward motion in other elements of those same situations, that is the synergy of so many Planets Retrograde. Don’t try to change things too much or too fast because there is sure to be some sorting out once Mercury and then Mars Station Direct (Aug 19 and Aug 27 respectively).

At 7:57am (EDST) on Thursday Venus at 2:24 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 2:34 Taurus.

This aspect has already occurred and you may have felt it most strongly last night. Here we are adjusting our desires for relating and relating-ships with our new/changed desires that Uranus has brought us since Ingressing Taurus on May 15. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra so there is plenty of her energies: what we value and desire, our beauty, our personal resources and earned income, luxury and, especially in Libra, reciprocity of love. How are you adjusting your new desires now via this aspect?

At 8:59am the Sun at 16:54 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 1:54 Aries.

Now within a 2 degree orb the Solar Eclipse set for early Saturday morning, we are getting clearer about what this Eclipse will bring. Still we must adjust to any insecurity you are feeling around initiating yourself (your name, your first impression, your actions) in order to create an ease. Be creative, the Sun says. Have someone else introduce you, wear a mask, or some other playful act, with the exception of pantomime as that will usually invoke more insecurity;)

At 5:29pm Mercury Rx at 15:50 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 15:50 Pisces.

This is Mercury’s 2nd Quincunx to Neptune out of 3: Jul 12 about 16 hours before the 1st Eclipse at 20:44 Cancer; today and then again on Aug 26. The Sun just made this aspect to Neptune on Wednesday so we have some clarity to assist us with the revising that Mercury is doing to his plans for romance, creativity, fun and children. If you see how to be the center of attention by releasing some subconscious fear, this could be one way this aspect plays out. Don’t be afraid to ‘steal the show’ and to be in the limelight right now. That is what Leo does best. Make a grand gesture of expression.

At 9:34pm Venus at 3:08 Libra Squares Saturn Rx at 3:08 Capricorn.

This is the Closing Square of the Venus/Saturn cycle which began on Dec 25, 2017. In a Square ‘restricted desires’ is the name of the game here. If you DO desire a relating-ship, it may be wise to limit who you are relating to. Likely Saturn will deliver this lesson in some fashion. Or you may find you don’t have the resources you would like to spend on a ‘date night’ with someone. This, too, shall pass, but for now, its a ‘no’ or a ‘slow down’ in achieving your desires.


With so many aspects over the last few days, Friday and Saturday are pretty quiet. If you can call the build-up to a Supercharged ‘Fresh Start’ quiet;)

At 12:18am on Friday the Moon Ingresses Leo and the energy will begin to be FULL ON for the Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo that occurs at 5:58am on Saturday. More tomorrow…!

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