The Inferior Conjunction – Aug 8

As I sat down to start this post, Uranus was Stationing Retrograde on Aug 7, 12:50pm at 2:34 Taurus. But Wednesday you should pay close attention to what gets expressed and planned as it is one of 6 days each year where our conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with reality (Sun).

At 7:10am (EDST) the Sun at 15:52 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 15:52 Pisces.

As usual the Sun will shed some light onto what Neptune is morphing in the areas of our lives where we have 15+ Pisces (by House). The Sun in Leo is providing clarity around our fun, romance, creativity and children. From what we SEE about any subconscious issues of fear, we can adjust ourselves to move forward free of the fear. Set goals to work on that creative idea. Forget what you’ve been saying to yourself that was a subconscious limitation and dive in. Same for romance. Put yourself out there mindful of releasing any fear that gets in your way. Mercury will Quincunx Neptune on Thursday night expressing the clarity we have this morning.

At 7:58am Mercury Rx at 16:55 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 1:55 Aries.

Expressions and plans will need to be adjusted to create an ease. Its insecurity that requires us to adjust to a romantic partner, child, entertainer or artist. The Sun will make this aspect on Thursday just after the Inferior Conjunction with Mercury and we will have clarity around what was said or planned.

At 12:59pm Mercury Rx at 16:45 Leo Semi-Squares Venus at 1:45 Libra.

Here we are reviewing our sense of fun and romance with our desires to relate and create something stable and reciprocal with a significant other.

At 4:40pm Venus at 1:55 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 1:55 Aries.

Venus offers healing around any insecurity we have in asserting ourselves right now, especially in the area of life where we have 1+ Aries by House. With Chiron in Libra, all relationships will struggle from time-to-time and the House placement shows WHO these relationships are with.

At 6:45pm Mars Rx at 0:51 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune Rx at 15:51 Pisces.

A bit of irritation as we act to socialize and some subconscious fear trips us up.

At 10;06pm the Sun at 16:28 Leo Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 16:28 Leo.

Here we have the baton pass of both Planets Conjunct but moving in different directions. Mercury is still reviewing his vanity thoughts and plans that were made ahead of the Sun’s catching up to him. As they meet our plans and ideas are in sync with real-time/reality. The Sun can help us get real about our plans and new ideas. This is the ‘seeding’ time of the next Sun/Mercury cycle which plays out over the next 165 days or so. The Sun rules Leo so is very potent here in helping us to accomplish Leo-type goals. Though we might now have to wait for Mercury to Station Direct to begin the implementation of what we see and hear expressed today.

Mercury will Station Direct on Aug 19 at 11:32 Leo.

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