Mercury Rx Conjunct Eclipse Degree – Aug 5/6

At 1:15am (ESDT) on Sunday Mercury Rx at 19:28 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 19:28 Capricorn.

Both Planets are in review mode and making an adjustment around our romantic plans and expressions to the way we use our power, or our shadow side. We could be adjusting our sense of fun to accommodate someone who is misusing their power over us or trying to manipulate us. Pluto was a part of the 1st Solar Eclipse and will be presenting each of us with our ‘shadow side’ for the next 6 months. You best get used to adjusting yourself through awareness of what is really going on… you are seeing the repressed side of your own subconscious mind through another.

At 1:45am on Monday Mercury Rx reaches 18:42 Leo.

This is the degree of the upcoming Solar Eclipse set for Aug 11 at 18:42 Leo. What you hear, say or think today could be showing what Super-charged Fresh Start this Solar Eclipse is bringing your way. Mercury first crossed this degree on Jul 14 so there is likely some connection to what you heard, said or thought at that time.

At 3:00am Black Moon Lillith Ingresses Aquarius.

All Aquarians can breathe a sigh relief and perhaps even find sleep again after 8 months of BML Transiting their 12th House. Now it will be Pisces who will be dealing with this Transit for the next 8 months. In Aquarius, BML will be allowing (or forcing us;) to see any unfairness and inequity around our dealings in the House which we have Aquarius in our Natal Chart. BML allows us to view a Sign’s energies from a 5D perspective, if we are capable of allowing the energies without fighting it too much.

At 5:13am Venus at 29:24 Virgo Semi-Squares Jupiter at 14:24 Scorpio.

Shouldn’t be too irritating given Venus and Jupiter are our 2 Healing Planets. Though you may be considering the ways you ‘touch’ people you are in service too and if it aligns with your new intimacy philosophy.

There are 2 more aspects on Monday plus Venus Ingresses Libra, but I will write more about that soon. On Tuesday Uranus Stations Retrograde joining Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron! On Wednesday we have the ‘Inferior Conjunction’ of the Sun and Mercury at 16:28 Leo. There are 6 aspects on Wednesday so much is happening right now! All of this will lead us into the 2nd Solar Eclipse of this cycle on Aug 11 at 18:42 Leo (5:58am EDST).

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