Karmic Finger of Merlin – Aug 1

At 4:06pm on Wednesday the Sun at 9:31 Leo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 3:31 Capricorn.

On Jul 20 Saturn and Neptune exacting their 1st of 2 Quintiles to each other. They are basically within orb of this Quintile through the rest of the Summer and will exact again on Sep 20 after Saturn Stations Direct.

This aspect is Part 1 of a 2-Part Rolling Finger of Merlin. The energy will be pouring from Saturn and Neptune’ Quintile into the Sun which both of them are Biquintiling at present. As the Sun moves in to Biquintile both Karmic Planets from the Sign of Leo, we should enjoy some clarity around effortless ways to increase our fun, romance, creativity and activities involving children. Any Karmic partners we are around at this time should provide us with some magical, surreal romantic overtures. In aspect to Saturn first, we can obtain some support from authority-types to set goals for fun. We can lift any restrictions we have placed on intimacy due to a Karmic response to someone resulting in a magical time.


At 10:39pm Mars Rx at 2:23 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 2:33 Taurus.

An ‘accident prone’ aspect here, however, Mars and Uranus are in Mutual Reception (in the Sign the other rules) and could bring about more enlightened actions. If you have been suffering from some infection of late, it has likely been Mars Conjunct the South Node in Aquarius. But Mars is separating a bit from the South Node and now in better position to get some revelation from Uranus that will support his actions. The Square can be challenging, though, as we tend to ACT very unexpectedly on this revelation and get ahead of ourselves, aka ‘accident prone.’ With awareness, however, you should be able to remember not to act too hasty tonight which will be helpful.

Mars is Retrograde and reviewing revelations he received from Uranus on their 1st Square on May 16 at 0:02 as both Planets are recently Ingressed new Signs. The revelations today can involve ways to acquire resources and earn a living as well as how to socialize to meet new people to assist you with these inspirations.

At 4;10am on Thursday the Sun at 10:00 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 16:00 Pisces.

Part 2 of the Karmic Finger of Merlin. Now we have ease to any subconscious angst with a Karmic partner that can make miracles happen. If someone has been avoiding intimacy and contact with you, you may now actually SEE them appear as if from a fog and you will be able to be romantic and playful without any fear. If you have been wondering what your fears are, the Sun can shed some light on them, but you will overcome them at the same time. Allow the magic. Release the fear. Resolve the Karma. You may ONLY do this within your own mind, but the result will still feel magical.

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