In the Wake of the Lunar Eclipse – Jul 28/29

How did you feel about the Eclipse yesterday? Did you notice any changes to your emotions? Did you decide on some new goal as you looked at you contrasted your emotions for socializing with your goals for fun? Did you ‘get over’ some feelings that have been lingering and holding you back?

At 12:40pm (EDST) on Saturday Mars Rx at 3:45 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn Rx at 3:45 Capricorn.

A minor aspect between our ‘go’ energy (Mars) and our ‘stop, go slow’ energy (Saturn). Both are Retrograde and reviewing some things. Mars in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus so there can be some ‘change to the status quo’ but the Semi-Sextile keeps it productive. Are you using your influence with groups to meet your career goals? Or are you looking at ‘saving the world’ as part of your career platform?

Or if you are Cancer or early Cancer Rising, this could be a classic ‘cock-block’ scenario;) Mars in the 8th House wants his way while a friend or authority type says otherwise as they firmly stand their ground ‘blocking’ you.

At 8:59pm the Sun at 5:53 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 5:53 Leo.

Some continuing clarity around yestrday’s Lunar Eclipse. What do you see and feel at that time? How is it aligning with the Soul-Level lessons of the NN in Leo? Are you NOT just being an attention whore? Are you willing to share the limelight? Is your fun apply to all others you are communing with?

At 1:30am on Sunday Venus at 20:53 Virgo Semi-Squares the North Node at 5:53 Leo.

This is Part 2 of a rolling 3-way aspect with Sun, Venus and the North Node. Now we may have some irritation between our desires and what the North Node is holding us to. Venus in Virgo is NOT thinking ‘fun’. She is on a mission to get stuff done! So you can see the irritation. It may be a woman who wants to put a halt to the fun because its not healthy for you. Its dangerous or too risky.

Sun will Semi-Square Venus on Monday evening. So you will get to see how your desires to serve our irritating to your sense of fun, romance and entertainment. But that’s not too difficult to imagine;)




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