Clarifying Leo Energies – Jul 25

Since Ingressing Leo, the Sun has already aspected Neptune on Monday and will aspect Chiron and Uranus on Wednesday. On Thursday the Sun will aspect Saturn and Mars. This is a lot of clarity around Leo areas of life right now and the Sun is only Transiting from 0-4 degrees in this time span. On Friday, of course, the Moon will Oppose the Sun creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4:45 Aquarius/Leo. And on Saturday the Sun will Conjunct the North Node at 5:53 Leo.

The North Node will soon be crossing over these early degrees of Leo now through Nov 7 wrapping up our Soul-Level Leo lessons. Absorb all of the clarity that you can. It will serve you well in navigating the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’ and beyond.

At 1:33am (EDST) on Wednesday the Sun at 2:15 Leo Trines Chiron Rx at 2:15 Aries.

This is an ease in which gratitude will go a long ways in helping us manage any insecurities we feel in the area of our lives where we have 2+ Aries (by House in your Natal Chart). And we can see ways to be romantic and have fun despite any lack of confidence. For today, anyway, Chiron won’t be tripping you up.

At 7:35am the Sun at 2:30 Leo Squares Uranus at 2:30 Taurus.

Some shocking revelations around your desires for romance, fun, children and creativity. You may see some new ways to acquire resources with the inspiration this aspect can bring. Though a Square, the clarity is very beneficial in moving forward. Uranus and Chiron are separating from their Semi-Sextile that exacted on Jul 16 so you may be getting some insight into any Soul Awareness these 2 were bringing up for you around that time.

At 9:08pm Venus at 17:30 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus at 2:30 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus in Taurus so there is a lot of ‘changed desires’ at play here. Venus in Virgo is being of service to provide touch, acquire resources or show what she really values. Uranus in Taurus is unexpected use of your own resources in some philanthropic endeavor. Or it is shocking beauty trends, unexpected desires and such. This aspect between them requires some adjustment to create an ease. If you are inspired to share your resources or have new inspiration to acquire, you will need to adjust it to match your desires to be of service. Uranus also likes freedom, but Venus in Virgo is a desire to serve and to stick to it. So if you have decided to be of service, but it is rubbing you a bit the wrong way today, adjust your values a bit to create the ease. Service with a smile is paramount or it becomes the martyr side of Virgo which is too 3D.



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