Where ARE We? – Jul 23/24

Its time to look at all that is going on within this Eclipse Wormhole. There is sooo much that it is hard to figure out which things to bring out. This week I will try to get through the many insights that I’m feeling.

With the Sun freshly in Leo, you may have felt some shift in focus from family and nurturing to children and fun.

Saturn Rx is separating from the Quintile to Neptune but in orb of a Square to Chiron which will be narrowing its gap but not exacting, thankfully. Though you may feel some of its energies. Its a bit different than the previous Heartbreak Transits of 2016-2017 because both Saturn and Chiron are in different Signs than they were then.

Saturn is now in Capricorn, the Sign he rules, getting us to improve the foundations of our lives. Chiron is out in the open in Aries challenging each of us around insecurity and our motivational energies. You may be feeling as if its a bit more challenging right now to assert yourself to obtain your career goals. Be mindful and response-able to the energies.

Saturn is also in orb of a Trine to Uranus which is helping us to shake up some fixed energies in our beauty, resources, etc and to build some new structures to accommodate these changes. Between now and Aug 27, Saturn will be applying to a Trine to Uranus which doesn’t exact as Uranus Stations Retrograde on Aug 8 at 2:34 Taurus. But on Aug 27 Saturn and Uranus will be within a 13 minutes of exacting! So we can still use this energy to assist us with changed desires and new foundations.

Mercury is slowing down for his Retrograde Station that occurs early Thursday ahead of the Eclipse on Friday. Whatever has been expressed or planned since July 7 is going to be reviewed and revised through Aug 19 and the next 2 Eclipses. Mercury will be Rx at 23:21 for the Lunar Eclipse. He will be Rx at 14:42 for the Solar Eclipse on Aug 11. Mercury will cross over the exact Aug 11 Eclipse degree 3 times during his Retrograde cycle. He already was at 18:42 Leo about 8:45pm on Saturday, Jul 14. You may have been expressing some of what will be starting up for you at the Eclipse at that time.

Venus is leading the pack of Personal Planets way up ahead in Virgo. With our desires so far ahead of the Sun’s reality (real-time), it can be hard to feel like we are getting what we want at the moment. The Sun is providing clarity to Venus’ desires as she was Transiting Leo. But as she is so far ahead, it points to an impending Retrograde cycle for her. But that won’t occur until Oct 5 when she Stations Retrograde at 10:50 Scorpio.

As for Monday and Tuesday this week, the Sun will shed some light on Neptune and we may get to see our desires more easily as a result.

At 10:33pm (EDST) on Monday the Sun at 1:11 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 16:11 Pisces.

The Sun is going to show us some of what Neptune has kept hidden from view or what he is morphing in our lives. In his own Sign, he is working on our fears. The Sun will help us to make an adjustment to any fears we see around our fun, romance, children or creativity. Once we adjust our goals based on the Sun’s subconscious clarity, we will feel at ease in pursuing our goals.

At 3:22pm Venus at 16:10 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 16:10 Pisces.

Where the Sun brought clarity, now we will be lookinag at our desires for health, wellness, fitness, work, service etc. and now it sits with our subconscious. Venus and the Sun don’t aspect each other, but through Neptune we can achieve both some clarity AND see what our hidden desires are and how we express them via Virgo areas. Today is a day where hugging might not come so easily until we see WHY we hug someone or why we touch them at all.


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