Eclipse Aftermath of Desires & Fun – Jul 13/14

Well, the Solar Eclipse is separated and we may have gotten some clarity around all that it is bringing to us. Though this Eclipse was not particularly strong as it was only visible over places of little to no human population. Reminds me of: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound?” Only you can answer to the impact of this Eclipse. I don’t star-gaze because I can feel the energies of the Planets, but Cancer is a Sign known for secrecy and you may not know its effects for sure until the Sun Squares the Eclipse degree in 3 months time.

And as for the next week, the Sun doesn’t make another aspect until Jul 23 so we won’t get more clarity until then. But by that time the Sun will be in Leo and the exact clarity of the Eclipse won’t be there. In the meantime, these aspects will be lighting up Leo and Virgo areas of our lives.

At 7:12am (EDT) on Friday Mercury at 17:24 Leo Ses-Squared Chiron Rx at 2:24 Aries.

There may have been some words or thoughts that created a bit of pain but it moved into an ease. Insecurity is an issue with Chiron in Aries and Mercury is planning his fun times and this doesn’t always mix well together.

At 2:44am on Saturday Venus at 4:39 Virgo Trines Saturn Rx at 4:39 Capricorn.

This a very nice ease between Venus who is being more anal and timid of late and Saturn who is holding us accountable to our use of authority. Health and fitness matters should benefit as well as valuing a daily ritual that supports our career goals.

At 9:37am Venus at 4:58 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 19:58 Capricorn.

Our desires to serve may run counter to what an intimate partner wants from us. An adjustment is necessary to create an ease between our money and other peoples’ money. Or our attractions and other’s sexual wants.

At 5:38am on Sunday Venus at 5:53 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 5:53 Leo.

Just since Wednesday Venus has aspected Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, Pluto and now the North Node. On Monday morning she will aspect Mars. So by now we should be getting a good handle on our Virgo values, desires, ways to acquire and attraction. This aspect to the NN will further emphasize the desires we were realizing as Venus Transiting Leo:  yes, its great to have fun, but do so from a Soulful perspective and not just our own self-serving Leo style. Now how do we take these values and apply them to areas of service and daily routine? Venus would say that ‘service with a smile’ is the best approach here. If you’re going to be of service, its important that you enjoy it.





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