Jupiter Stations Direct – Jul 9/10

With Mercury in his Shadow he Squares Jupiter in Scorpio who he is sitting near his Direct Station. They will meet 3 times in this Square during Mercury’s Retrograde cycle.

At 5:14am (EST) on Monday Mercury at 13:21 Leo Squared Jupiter Rx at 13:21 Scorpio.

About 3:00pm on Saturday Mercury moved into his Shadow, Phase 1, of his impending Retrograde cycle. So for the 1st Solar Eclipse this Thursday Mercury is already in his Rx cycle and will Station Rx on Jun 26 at 23:27 Leo, the day before the Lunar Eclipse at 4:45 Aquarius. In other words, Mercury will muddle this Eclipse cycle and things won’t get all worked out until he clears his shadow on Sep 2. So be sure to follow your Higher Minds as we move through this time.

As Mercury met Jupiter early this morning, he was in a Higher Mind energy and Jupiter is potent energy right now as he pulls into his Direct Station tomorrow (Tuesday). Here we had some communication or ideas that represented our new intimate philosophy as it applies to romance and fun. Mercury will make 2 more Squares to Jupiter: Aug 11 and Aug 28. So there will likely be some revising done to how we apply Jupiter’s lessons around intimacy to our romantic situations or in sharing money with our children, etc.

At 10:32pm Venus Ingresses Virgo.

Now our desires quickly change from fun and games to a more serious and reserved energy. Venus in Virgo does not engage in flirtation, she has many other things to do! Her to-do list is what she loves right now and keeping track of all of the little details will be her forte for the next month. From ‘girls just wanna have fun’ to ‘keep account of everything’ it will feel like taking a cold shower!

At 1:02pm on Tuesday Jupiter at 13:21 Scorpio Stations Direct.

Jupiter Ingressed Scorpio on Oct 10, 2017. Since that time he has found himself working with Pluto in Capricorn and the Nodes of Fate Square Scorpio to bring up many issues around sexual harassment that were part and parcel of our arriving at a new spiritual philosophy of intimacy. Jupiter loves the big picture and the highest good. In Scorpio he has demanded that we apply honesty as our highest form on intimacy rather than the lower high of Scorpio energy that can be manipulation around shared resources and sex. Now he will begin to zip through the rest of Scorpio between now and Nov 8 when he will Ingress the Sign he rules, Sagittarius. We will be defining our new philosophy for the next 12 year cycle.

At this point we will be just 2 days from the Solar Eclipse at 20:41 Cancer that occurs on Thursday at 10:48pm. Pluto will be Opposing this Eclipse as he sits at 20:00 Capricorn. He will challenge each of us to overcome some fear or obstacle to seize the prize that we have been waiting for.

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