Chiron Stations & a Weekend of MAGIC! Jul 5/6/7/8

On Friday we have 4 magical/5D aspects plus one first thing Saturday morning. But I didn’t get to writing about Thursday’s aspects in time so they are here too so you can look at them in the rearview mirror.

At 12:46am (EST) on Thursday Chiron at 2:25 Aries Stationed Retrograde.

Now we will begin to review what Chiron in Aries has been bringing us through: insecurity, inability to initiate, challenges around our first impression, etc. Chiron will Station Direct on Dec 9 at 27:54 Pisces so we will be reviewing some of the old Pisces’ lessons as well.

At 7:04am the Sun at 13:23 Cancer Trines Jupiter Rx at 13:23 Scorpio.

A Transitional 3D to 5D energy if you can use it. This is clarity around our family goals and our new intimate philosophy. Are you being transparent with family members about the ways you share resources? Is your family’s highest value honesty?

At 7:48am Mercury at 8:45 Leo Opposes Mars Rx at 8:45 Aquarius.

Some aggressive words that may have been playful or compassionate even if forceful. Or some social network communication that put you in the spotlight. Here your words are in contrast to your motivations so you might see something new through this energy.

At 1:58am on Friday the Sun at 14:08 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 2:08 Aries.

This is some magical clarity and revelation around family and our changed desires. Or around our resources and family. It is an effortless energy that can light up the path ahead so we can set goals we can see down the road.

At 12:31pm Venus at 26:10 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 20:10 Capricorn.

Its not much nicer than this if you would like to see your desires manifest even if for just a short time. Here we have our desires for fun effortlessly supported by a benefactor, authority type or an intimate partner. Or it could be that we can easily obtain some investment for a creative venture, an entertainment venue with children or romantic partners. There is great fun, attraction and romance to be had here.

At 3:55pm Mercury at 10:24 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 16:24 Pisces.

Our romantic, playful or creative communication is going to sit so well with anyone it is directed towards or words you hear from someone else could seem so surreal and just what you have wanted to hear! No holding back! Both parties are in.

At 6:02pm Venus at 26:25 Leo Biquintiles Chiron at 2:25 Aries.

Talk about healing at a 5D level! This is a wonderful boost to our confidence and the way we assert ourselves. It will be effortless to seek romance and find some fun! Touch will be welcomed and enjoyed!

At 6:30am on Saturday Mercury at 11:08 Leo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 5:08 Capricorn.

Our romantic and playful words could easily inspire a partner or authority type to initiate some structures that enable more fun and for us to realize our ideas.

The cherry on top of this wonderful few days is this aspect that exacts on Sunday morning:

At 10:42am on Sunday the Sun at 16:24 Cancer Trines Neptune Rx at 16:24 Pisces.

Here we can ride this clarity around mom, home, family, land/emotional roots straight into 5D energy if we try. It is an ease that will FEEL so GOOD so go for it. The Sun can illuminate what Neptune’s shroud of fog has kept covered up. So be sure to use this energy to SEE through what is dissolving in your life at the moment. You can likely see how good that will be for you as well.

With these aspects over we will be just 3 DAYS from the 1st Eclipse. Have you felt some of what that Eclipse might be bringing you in the way of a Super-Charged ‘Fresh Start’?


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