Mercury Aspects Saturn & the North Node

On Jun 18 Saturn Rx at 6:31 Capricorn exacted a Quincunx (adjustment) aspect to the North Node in Leo. On Jun 19 Venus moved through aspects to both these 2 heavenly body. Mercury is following Venus through the same 2 aspects on Monday and Tuesday. See if you can find the story that is unfolding here but that is awaiting the Sun’s approach to provide more clarity to the issue.

At 7:48pm Mercury at 5:21 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 5:28 Capricorn.

Adjusted communication around career plans. Playful expressions may require some adjustment of your serious approach to life. Or you may decide to build more fun into your career goals, but it will require some adjustment to your approach. Mercury is now on the Closing half of his cycle with Saturn. You may know what the Karmic issue is that you are thinking about, speaking about and planning around this year.

At 5:43am on Tuesday Mercury at 6:01 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 6:01 Leo.

Regardless of the adjustment of Monday night, you can now see that fun and play are essential to your plans. However, the NN would have you keep a Soulful approach to your fun so it is not at anyone else’s expense. Creative ideas have great impetus with this aspect so consider how you can move forward with any plans.

There are no aspects that exact on Wednesday or Thursday so enjoy those days with friends and family as the Sun is providing you clarity on how to do family things in a nurturing way.

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