A Weekend of Aspects – Jun 29-Jul 1

I’m writing about the entire weekend as I have a family event to attend… you know Sun in Cancer… its that time of year!

Each aspect made over the weekend, but one (Sun to Mars) is made to an Outer Planet so this significance is big, interpersonal and Soulful too. Chiron is slowing down to Station Retrograde next Tuesday at 12:46am at 2:25 Aries. There is some Soulful energy at play as he does so.

At 7:19pm (EDT) on Thursday night Venus at 17:24 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron at 2:24 Aries.

Venus offers healing to any insecurities Chiron may be bringing up. Venus in Leo is romance and fun and this aspect should make it easier to initiate some fun with romantic partners, children or to initiate some new artistic venture. Venus is nearing the degree of the 2nd Solar Eclipse of Aug 11 so on Saturday watch for the desires that will align with the super-charged ‘Fresh Start’ at that begins at that time.

At 1:16am on Friday Mercury Ingresses Leo.

Now our words will become more playful, romantic and fiery rather than secretive, emotional and nurturing. So any family reunions now will take on a different tone as we incorporate more entertainment and humor.

At 12:35am on Saturday Mercury at 1:28 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 16:28 Pisces.

Newly in Leo Mercury is tracing Venus’ steps as she awakened our playful and artistic desires over the last 2 weeks. She made this same aspect to Neptune on Jun 15 at 1:29 Leo so Mercury will be discussing the adjustment she made then to her desires as she had some subconscious fears surface or she saw something that was hidden before. But our thoughts and words today will carry some message of review of these desires as Neptune Stationed Retrograde since Venus’ aspect.

At 9:01am Mercury at 1:59 Leo Squares Uranus at 1:59 Taurus.

If the previous aspect came through in a dream, you may wake with the surprising interpretation of it. Or you might just blurt some something that suddenly contradicts a bit of the last aspect. Earlier you adjusted your ideas and words, but now you are just plain changing up your desires as Uranus is in Venus’ Sign, Taurus. Inspiration and sudden revelation that may challenge anyone you are romancing or entertaining are all possibilities.

At 4:10pm Mercury at 2:25 Leo Trines Chiron at 2:25 Aries.

Now we have some easy feelings of fun and romance as the Trine assuages insecurities that Chiron in Aries can cause. You can take action and initiate conversation with someone you might have been afraid to just yesterday. Some Soulful truth is likely to slip out as well and you have a flash of Soul Awareness.

At 7:29pm the Sun at 9:07 Cancer Quincunx Mars Rx at 9:07 Aquarius.

Some clarity here around family could cause you to change your actions within a group of people or online in some way. If you are used to posting a lot of things on Facebook, you might suddenly see how your family member/s feel about it and adjust yourself accordingly.

At 7:59am on Sunday Venus at 20:17 Leo Quincunx Pluto Rx at 20:17 Capricorn.

Our fun is being watched by someone in authority and we need to adjust ourselves accordingly so as not to invoke the beast that Pluto can become from time to time. Or our own spending for fun gets a stern look from a benefactor that causes us to change our money plans.

At 1:30pm Venus at 20:33 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 5:33 Capricorn.

The accountability of our spending or fun is still in focus through the afternoon from Saturn. Be mindful of how you are pursuing your desires and don’t take actions that could jeopardize your ‘social status’… Saturn is watching;)

And so the weekend comes to a close. Hope you can have your fun before Sunday morning;)




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