Clarity, Adjustment & Full Moon in Capricorn – Jun 27/28

On Wednesday the Sun in early Cancer meets Saturn and the North Node. On May 26 Venus made these same 2 aspects from 8+ degrees of Cancer and on Jun 15 Mercury made these aspects from 6+ Cancer.

At 9:28am the Sun at 5:51 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 5:51 Capricorn.

The halfway point is reached and we are getting clear about our desires (Venus) and plans and ideas (Mercury) as the Sun follows in the energies of both Venus and Mercury. Can you see how you are balancing home and career? How mom and dad, nurturing and discipline are in contrast? Do you need to be more accountable somewhere to be more effective in reaching your goals? Goals that support your family, home and land?

The Sun and Saturn began this current cycle on Dec 21, 2017 at 0:012 Capricorn. Saturn hadn’t been in Capricorn long, but the Sun gave us an idea of Saturn’s purpose on his Transit there. Now we can see how we have managed our goals since that time. Goals around careers and social status. You are likely to get clear about what you will take or won’t take when it comes to a new career or a promotion of some kind.

At 2:42pm the Sun at 6:04 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 6:04 Leo.

The final aspect before the Conjunction, the Sun is now wrapping up a cycle with the North Node that began on Aug 16, 2017 at 24:13 Leo. The Sun will Conjunct the NN in Leo on Jul 28 at 5:53 Leo just a day following the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4:45 Leo (the 2nd of 3 Eclipses in this upcoming Eclipse cycle).

The aspect today will bring in family goals to work productively with our creative, romantic, entertaining sense of fun. It is okay to be the star of your own show and family is likely to support these efforts right now.

Saturn was Quincunx the North Node on Jun 18 so there is come clarity around all of the energies they were adjusting us to.

At 11:41pm Venus at 16:28 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 16:28 Neptune.

More adjustment coming from our desires for fun and light romance, or for more children and our subconscious review of all of our fears, idealism or delusion. Its not really as deep as all of this, typically, but you may find yourself not partaking in some fun you recently would have thrown yourself into. Karmic issues around our desires are certain to create an adjustment in our follow-through.

At 12:53am on Thursday the Moon at 6:28 Capricorn Opposes the Sun at 6:28 Cancer creating the Full Moon.

Just prior to this Full Moon the Moon will Conjunct Saturn and align us with our feelings about some career revisions we are going over with Saturn Rx. Then our career and authority feelings (Moon in Capricorn) must strike a balance with our goals (Sun) around mom, home, family and land (Cancer, ruled by the Moon). The Moon rules the Sun in this Full Moon as the Sun Transits Cancer bringing up new goals for pursuing family things. But it must all be balanced with our ability to bring home the bacon and to maintain family discipline and social status.

This Full Moon initiates the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’ which all Eclipse cycles bring. On Jul 12 we will have the 1st Solar Eclipse of 2 when the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 20:41 Cancer Opposing Pluto Rx at 20:00 Capricorn. Its going to be an INTENSE Eclipse around balancing home and career, land and shared resources and it will challenge us to break through some perceived barrier that has been challenging our personal authority and to take it back (aka Pluto). This is the first Eclipse to occur across the Cancer/Capricorn axis in roughly 9 years. Cancer and Capricorn are Karmic Houses that pack a wallop of energy in their Eclipses.

The 2nd Eclipse occurs on Jul 27 as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with the Moon at 4:45 Aquarius Opposing the Sun at 4:45 Leo. If you are needing to let go of some emotional attachment, this is the emotional reset button that you need! Watch the Eclipse energy builds and see how effectively it simply clears your emotions for the next phase of things.

The 3rd Eclipse occurs on Aug 11 as a New Moon Solar Eclipse with the Moon Conjunct the Sun at 18:42 Leo. Now we have a fresh start, again, across the axis of romance vs social network, entertainment vs freedom, and children vs groups.  The next Eclipse cycle in Jan/Feb 2019 will culminate the Leo/Aquarius Eclipses for another 9 years or so. By this time next year, we will be finished with this energy bring front and center.

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