Finger of Merlin & Pluto Quintile Chiron – Jun 22

From Friday night to early Sunday morning Venus will move through a Rolling Finger of Merlin to the 2 Karmic Planets: Saturn and Neptune both of which are Retrograde. Saturn and Neptune are applying to a Quintile to each other that will exact on Jul 20. Saturn will Station Direct on Sep 6 and Quintile Neptune, still Retrograde, again on Sep 20. This Summer we have effortless energy between the 2 Karmic Planets. It doesn’t get much better:)

A Finger of Merlin is 2 Biquintiles pointing into the same Planet! Here we have magical desires going on with our Karmic lovers, children, etc.

At 6:44pm on Friday Venus at 10:29 Leo Biquintiles Neptune Rx at 16:29 Pisces.

As Venus is the nozzle of the magic from the 2 Karmic Planets over the weekend, you will enjoy having a great time long after midnight if you want. Or you could have some fantastic artistic ideas appear in your mind’s eye that you work on without sleep or dream about when you fall asleep.

This is a Cinderella style moment of effortless attraction that can be surreal! A woman dressing up for fun and romance meets her charming Prince and they dance the night away. If this is a money situation in your chart, you could find yourself receiving the necessary attire or resources to make it a fun, romantic night.

At 1:58am on Saturday the Sun at 1:45 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 1:49 Taurus.

This is further insight that allows you to change your desires via the Finger of Merlin to become more grounded in something that will alter you in some way.

At 5:26am Mercury at 20:28 Cancer Opposes Pluto at 20:28 Capricorn.

Without the Finger of Merlin at play, this aspect could become quite harsh. These 2 Planets are meeting on the degree of the Solar Eclipse of Jul 12, but 16 minutes from the exact point. Mercury in Cancer can be quite dramatic, evoking emotions with his words. The Opposition with Pluto can typically bring up some suspicions, but do your best to simply find a balance in the 2 energies. It is getting easier as Pluto is already applying to Quintile Chiron in Aries. This aspect has Mercury nearing a Tridecile to Chiron (which is a 10th harmonic aspect that brings out a connection to tribal Karma), so the overall effect should be diminished in harshness or contrast. But it will be important to see how you express the balance you have been home and career matters.

At 5:39pm the Sun at 2:22 Cancer Squares Chiron at 2:22 Aries.

Here we can see some pain around us and our family or nurturing. When you see the pain, the best response is gratitude for what this pain has allowed you to experience and therefore learn from its existence. Chiron in Aries is insecurity in the way we initiate action or assert ourselves. It affects the axis of our selves (Aries) and our relationships (Libra). We feel wounded and therefore we act in ways that defeat ourselves and our closest friends or partners. Stay in gratitude and apply it by nurturing yourself and others (Cancer), especially family.

At 4:08am on Sunday Venus at 12:06 Leo Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 6:06 Capricorn.

After your romantic interlude or night of fun, you can now put some real structures into place for continuing the fun. Under this energy Saturn can make things just magically appear, like the carriage you need to get home after all of your weekend fun.

Operating behind the scenes all weekend is the Quintile between Pluto and Chiron. At 8:42pm on Tuesday night Pluto Rx at 20:24 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 2:22 Aries.

Here we have some magical ease for ways to assert ourselves in career and public matters. Using our own power will be effortless and have just the right effect. Intimacy and sharing of resources will also be effortless and we will not feel our wounding as we do so.

Look to the Houses of your Natal Chart to see WHO are the players in these magical aspects with you!

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