Career Adjustments & Neptune Rx – Jun 18

On Monday we have 2 pretty big events exacting.

At 9:40am Saturn Rx at 6:31 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 6:31 Leo.

This aspect has been applying over the last few weeks. As it exacts, you may sense the real purpose behind it. Our revised career goals need to make an adjustment to our romantic partner, our children, or our sense of fun and creativity. Will our new career path allow us more time with those we care about? If not, we can see what we need to do to make both of these energies work together.

At 7:27pm Neptune at 16:30 Pisces Stations Retrograde.

Now we will be reviewing all of the things we ‘idealized’ over the last few months. The veil of illusion may drop as we see things in reverse mode. Whatever House you have 13:42 to 16:30 Pisces is where you have felt some dreamy energy around and we need to see it a few more times to better understand what Neptune is dissolving and morphing in our lives. Neptune will Station Direct at 13:42 Pisces on Nov 24. Until then, notice how your idealized version from the first pass gets shifted.

When Neptune Stations you should be able to detect a sea change of energy;)

Broader view:

With Neptune’s Retrograde Station, we now have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto also Retrograde. That is quite a bit of energy in reverse motion: both Interpersonal Planets (Jupiter and Saturn); both Karmic Planets (Saturn and Neptune) and 2 Generational Planets (Neptune and Pluto).

On Jun 26, Mars will Station Retrograde at 9:13 Aquarius bringing us a Personal Planet energy is reverse mode. On Jul 5, Chiron Stations Retrograde at 2:25 Aries bringing some Soulful energy into the mix of looking backwards. On Jul 10 Jupiter will Station Direct so there will be some forward motion again around us as we relate to others.

If ever there were ever a time to understand that LINEAR TIME does NOT exist… it will be this summer!! 

In just over a month, on Jul 20, Saturn Rx and Neptune Rx will exact a Quintile to each other! That is a 5D/magical aspect between the Karmic Planets! We may see some effortless things achieved at this time. Check the Houses in your Chart to see what areas of your life are affected. Or call/text me for a Reading;)


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