Higher-Minded Irritation – Jun 15/16

Its a big weekend with Uranus in a Semi-Square to Neptune and Saturn applying to Quincunx the North Node on Monday morning. The Personal Planets are going to reveal some of what these 2 aspects are about.

At 12:31am (EST) on Friday Venus at 1:29 Leo Ses-Squares Neptune at 16:29 Pisces.

Neptune is just one minute from his Retrograde Station which occurs at 7:27pm on Monday, Jun 18, at 16:30 Pisces. Here we need to make some adjustment to our romance and fun in order to create an ease with any subconscious hesitancy. Venus just Squared Uranus last night so she is needing to deal with changing up her desires to create this ease.

At 4:24pm Venus at 2:16 Leo Trines Chiron at 2:16 Aries.

Now we have some reprieve with an ease between our actions and desires. Chiron in Aries creates insecurity around the ways we assert ourselves and the first impressions that we make. Venus offers healing so this Trine is a very nice aspect. Reach out and touch someone who needs it.

At 7:25pm Mercury at 6:30 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 6:30 Leo.

Some helpful words here to express how we are feeling about family and fun. Mercury is applying to his Opposition to Saturn so it is likely he is already feeling the need to be very responsible to what he does say.

At 9:47pm Mercury at 6:42 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 6:42 Capricorn.

Now we have some ideas of how to balance what Saturn has us focused on around career and social status with what is best for the family. If you have been following the Mercury/Saturn cycle you may know what the unfolding story has been and now you can see things more clearly with the contrast of home and career. How to balance these needs will be brought up in some way tonight.

At 5:41am on Saturday Uranus at 1:30 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 16:30 Pisces.

This can be too deep to detect at times. It has been building for about a month as Uranus Ingressed Taurus on May 15. There is an irritation between this new and changed desire we have encountered and our subconscious fears. If you can detect it, you can see if you can manage it more easily. Uranus in Taurus can bring up CHANGED DESIRES and love at first sight scenarios, but they don’t always last very long. Though Taurus energy is more Fixed and grounded, it has a better chance than if Uranus were in another Sign. Still these 2 Higher Mind Planets will remain in a one degree orb of a Semi-Square through the Jul 12 Eclipse. Neptune is testing our new desires to see if we really are happy about it or not.

At 9:03pm on Saturday night Mercury at 8:38 Cancer Quincunx Mars at 8:38 Aquarius.

Where Saturn makes us stop and take notice, Mars moves us ahead without thought. But there is an adjustment to be made here between family and our social network, acquaintances and any groups we belong to. Where do your loyalties lie? Saturn has us working on career, but Venus and Mars are both out for fun (Venus in Leo) and socializing (Mars in Aquarius). Oh, and your family needs you too!

There are no aspects on Sunday, but Saturn will be applying to a Quincunx to the North Node in Leo. On Tuesday Venus will Quincunx Saturn and Conjunct the North Node. She will be showing us through our desires what is getting adjusted on Monday.


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