Adjusting to Our Intimate Philosophy – Jun 12

On Wednesday we will be one Solar month from the 1st Eclipse of this Eclipse cycle. In fact on Monday as the Sun Quincunx Pluto Rx, Pluto was sitting just 3 minutes away from an Opposition to the 1st Eclipse degree of 20:41 Cancer. Pluto will Oppose this Eclipse from 20:00 degrees Capricorn on Jul 12. The storyline that is building between now and then will bring out a real test of your self-esteem to create some career goal or emotional goal that you really want to achieve. But there will be a serious challenge to it as well. Still the breakthrough will be worth the effort.

For now, here are the aspects for Tuesday:

At 10:25am (EST) Mercury at 29:30 Gemini Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 14:39 Scorpio.

Jupiter is still tightly Conjunct Psyche as they are bringing up some old, Soulful issues around intimacy. Here we can find words that show an adjustment that will lead to an ease. Some Astrologers consider Gemini the Sign of lovers. There is certainly some mirroring going on with Mercury/Gemini’s duality. If you are creating Karma by applying ‘The Secret’ of the ‘Law of Attraction’ this aspect could help you see that you are NOT that powerful as you are merely creating more Karma with these dualistic principles. Jupiter wants to bust through the illusion of duality as he rules Sagittarius where we put the ‘whole’ back together through a spiritual philosophy. As Scorpio is the 12th House of Sagittarius, Jupiter is wrapping up his ‘dustbin’ of his subconscious mind and bringing ‘wholeness’ to financial and sexual merging. You are really NOT 2 people coming together, but rather the other half of yourself which was created by Mercury/Gemini duality/Karmic thought. This morning you might actually say something that represents some of this understanding.

At 2:08pm the Sun at 21:44 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 6:44 Leo.

This puts the Sun in a Ses-Square to the South Node at 6:44 Leo. So the clarity here is around communicating what the Eclipses (as shown by the Nodes of Fate) and what the NN in Leo’s Soulful lessons have been about. We might express it in some way as Gemini brings out communication. But it is likely more an internal clarity. The NN is nearing the degree of the Jul 27 Lunar Eclipse so you may start to see what how you feel about a romantic partner or a group you belong to.

At 3:59pm Mercury Ingresses Cancer.

Now our thoughts will turn to returning home, visiting the land of our families and mom. We will be more security conscious and speak about our feelings a bit more. Or initiate more emotion in the way we speak.

On Wednesday we have the New Moon in Gemini. The Moon is already Transiting Gemini and we are beginning to see/feel what our ‘fresh start’ will be.

In the background this week we have 2 aspects made by Outer Planets that will be building in intensity from now until next Monday:

At 5:41am on Saturday (Jun 16) Uranus at 1:30 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 16:30 Pisces.

Neptune is at the exact degree and minute of his impending Retrograde Station which occurs at 7:27pm Jun 18 (Monday). This irritation aspect between 2 Higher Mind Planets is like a low-grade buzz in the back of your mind that is calling your attention to changes in earned income or available resources, desires for more freedom and change of the old familiar things as well as unexpected gifting from someone. Though the Semi-Square may have you thinking these things might not be the best options, once it completes you will see it was just what you needed to change.

At 9:40am on Monday (Jun 18) Saturn Rx at 6:31 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 6:31 Leo.

Some new career goals or Karmic situation (if you are in a Karmic Return Transit) needs to adjust to the way you want to have more fun, more children or to be more creative and playful with life. Will you consider a career that allows you to have time for your creative side to shine? That is a good question;)



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