Magical Clarity Adjusts to Power – Jun 11

At 8:23am on Monday Mercury at 27:12 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Venus at 27:12 Cancer.

Mercury has moved almost 5 degrees in the last 50 hours where he Ses-Squared Mars at 22:22 Gemini. He is moving fast, pulling ahead of the Sun and getting carried away with his vanity ideas that don’t always materialize. But this minor productive aspect to Venus brings some expression of our desires to nurture or be nurtured. Venus wants a family reunion and Mercury is fresh from all of the graduation parties but his is preparing to make the shift to family soon enough.

At 9:47am the Sun at 20:36 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 14:36 Scorpio.

Here we have some magical, higher-consciousness clarity around our intimacy within our local community, neighborhood or with siblings/cousins/classmates that we share resources with or any lovers we communicate with. It will be easy to communicate our new perspective around intimacy issues. Though it is likely that communicating with intimate partners is so effortless that we aren’t aware of our new philosophical approach. This is a most fortunate aspect involving communication, writing/speaking, local transportation and our use of other people’s money or physical intimacy. Mercury made this aspect to Jupiter at 10:10am on Friday. What was said then gets further clarification.

At 1:14pm the Sun at 20:44 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 20:44 Capricorn.

Mercury made this aspect to Pluto on Friday along with his aspect to Pluto, but his order was reversed. Now, on the heels of the magic, we need to make an adjustment, but the adjustment will be clear to us. We will need to see how our intimate perspective around all local things (cars, transportation, neighborhood, K-12 school and classmates, etc.) needs to still work with the person who is wielding some authority over us.

About 3:50am on Tuesday the Moon Ingresses Gemini and begins applying to the Sun to create the New Moon at 22:44 Gemini at 3:45pm on Wednesday. We are in the Gemini energy both our egos and our emotions so we can begin to align with the ‘fresh start’ of the next month. Some new local situation, with siblings/neighbors/classmates involving transportation, ideas or communication. 

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