Mercury & Sun Get Elevated – Jun 6/7

By now you have some clear information of your path ahead following the Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun last night. But the information is going to be reviewed by 2 Higher Mind Planets giving us more revelation and helping us remove or recognize some fears we may have around what our goals are. Fears can be released once seen or spoken.

At 6:01am (EST) Mercury at 15:06 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 1:05 Taurus.

Mercury is fresh from his Conjunction with the Sun and in his own Sign of Gemini. As he was applying to the Sun he was already in orb to Uranus and Neptune (see below). This means that he was not just operating from his own 3D mind, but was being elevated into Higher Mind energies. So while a Semi-Square can be an irritation, any time Mercury is merged with Higher Mind energy its a blessing. Here we have some inspiration and revelation to assist us in the goals we discussed and set yesterday. We are also getting to express some areas that Uranus is shaking up in our old Fixed Earth areas of life. There can be some expressed attraction here as well. Or some revelation around how to acquire resources that is new and inventive. But these words will usher in a change as well.

At 10:07am Mercury at 16:27 Gemini Squares Neptune at 16:27 Pisces.

Now here we can have some separation consciousness, but also some ability to see how we are all interconnected as well. Some of the words could bring up our fears, but once we express them we can them SEE them and let them go. So if you hear something that annoys you or you find unsettling, that is your fear. Look at it and release it. It needed to be expressed so you could get over it.

At 4:54pm the Sun at 16:05 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 1:05 Taurus.

Following right behind Mercury, the Sun meets Uranus at the same degree and minute offering clarity into the revelation and inspiration we may have spoken or heard. We can see how our new goals can be more easily achieved with resources we suddenly know how to acquire. Or we may see the need for resources and begin to look for ways to do so.

At 1:58am on Thursday morning the Sun at 16:27 Gemini Squares Neptune at 16:27 Pisces.

Again at the same degree and minute the Sun’s clarity will offer so much more impact to any fears we had and how we can release them. The Sun in aspect to Neptune also acts as a foglight cutting through Neptune’s shroud of secrecy so we can get a glimpse of what he is up… what he is dissolving in the area of our lives where we have 16+ Pisces by House in our Natal Charts.

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