Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 29

As I write the Sun is applying to Sextile the North Node on Monday night. See yesterday’s post HERE. But Tuesday we have 3 aspects and Mercury’s Ingression into Gemini.

At 1:05am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 28:22 Quintiles Neptune at 16:22 Pisces.

This is Part 2 of Mercury’s magic over the weekend. He has been rolling from his Quintile to the North Node on Sunday morning to this Quintile. It has made romance easy and effortless. Fun has been had. Children have behaved well, for the most part. And artistic ideas have been obtained.

At 2:38am the Sun at 7:51 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx at 7:51 Capricorn.

This is the final aspect of a rolling Finger of God over the weekend as well. On Sunday morning Saturn Quincunx the North Node. On Monday night the Sun Sextiled the NN and today the Sun Quincunx Saturn. The NN was the apex where the energy flowed into Soulful lessons of having more fun and romance, but with some understanding from the Soul to ‘do no harm.’ Its possible if you have any points at 5-9 Aquarius that this aspect creating a Boomerang FOG pushing the energy into your Natal Point/Planet and Mars in the early degrees of Aquarius. Either way, there were adjustments to be made in order to BOTH have fun AND be response-able to sound structures in your life as well as clarity around how to do so in your local community and neighborhood.

At 10:19am the Moon at 8:10 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 8:10 Gemini creating the Full Moon.

Always an emotional peak, this Full Moon, however, should bring more expression of what we are feeling. It can ignite some new spiritual path as we grapple with some duality and Karmic understanding.

Gemini/Sagittarius is the axis of knowledge, thinking and communications. In Gemini we are in early childhood understanding of our local surroundings. We take in the 3D world as given to us by our close circle of siblings, classmates, neighbors, etc. By the time we reach Sagittarius we have become the college professor, the pastor, an astrophysicist or a spiritual guru of some sort. It is local vs global understanding of things. Or conscious (Mercury rules Gemini) and super-conscious (Jupiter rules Sagittarius) understanding.

A Full Moon across this axis brings up awareness of a need for a fresh perspective. Maybe a trip or vacay gets planned very shortly. Or you find you have transportation issues to resolve. Maybe you have been struggling with a thought process that has you tied in circles because it is so limited in its true understanding. Now you can see that you need to seek broader horizons in order to move through the situation.

The New Moon in Gemini is following the Full Moon so it is a reversal of their natural positions with something shutting down before something new pops up. Lose your old thoughts in order to embrace something new at the New Moon on Jun 13 at 22:44 Gemini.

At 7:49pm on Tuesday Mercury Ingresses Gemini.

Now we will be communicating about our feelings at the Full Moon and making plans for the next 4 weeks and beyond. All local issues and transportation are forefront. Contracts can be signed based on the House you have Gemini in your chart. ‘Chatty Cathy’s will abound.


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