Triple Trines – May 23-25

From Wednesday night until Friday morning we have 3 Trines. The energy may be so easy that it won’t motivate you to use them, but it is likely to feel like summertime when the living is easy;)

At 10:39pm on Wednesday night the Sun at 2:54 Gemini Trines Mars at 2:54 Aquarius.

Our communications for social networking will be easy. You will see new ways to get your ideas across to groups of people.

At 5:52am on Friday Jupiter Rx at 16:20 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 16:20 Pisces.

This aspect has been in tight orb all week and Psyche Conjunct Jupiter is adding to the Soulful depth of this aspect. If you are not having as much sex as usual, or if you have been watching your ‘p’s’ and ‘q’s’ with those you share resources with, you can thank this aspect for keeping things so above board that sex is less necessary than truly connecting with someone. You can fee how to implement a new transparent and honest approach to intimacy.

At 9:38am on Friday Mercury at 21:02 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 21:02 Capricorn.

Easy words to express how are resources and desires can be merged with the resources and authority of a benefactor or intimate partner. They will appreciate your style and find your words very appealing. Or you will enjoy what they have to say to you.

By Saturday morning we have a less easy aspect as an Opposition between Venus and Saturn. This will show us how our desires have changed since these 2 began their cycle on Christmas Day!!


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