Desires Around Family – May 20/21

Late afternoon on Sunday we have 3 aspects from Venus applying to Chiron, Mars and then Jupiter. And the Sun Ingresses Gemini at 10:15pm (EST). Early Monday morning the Sun aspects Uranus.

At 4:24pm on Sunday Venus at 1:34 Cancer Squares Chiron at 1:32 Aries.

Fresh from her Sextile to Uranus Venus is in a sort of Soul Awareness state that she is bringing to all things Cancer: mom, home, family, land. She may be thinking about family reunion plans and Uranus provides the inspiration and now Chiron provides the Soulful reminder that family rifts are deep, but Venus now has some healing touch to reach out and work through the pain between family members. Male members are the most likely to have some family pain at the moment.

At 10:06pm Venus at 1:50 Cancer Quincunx Mars at 1:50 Aquarius.

By this time there could be some adjustments to the healing that is required. Our actions need to be more mindful of group needs. How do we nurture the odd males in our lives? The bizarre characters we call family? Or how do our own crazy actions inhibit our family support? This can also just be an adjustment between men/women energies.

At 10:08pm Venus at 1:51 Cancer Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 16:51 Scorpio.

Just one minute from the adjustment above we have an ease from an adjustment in the Sign of intimacy. Jupiter holds us to honesty and transparency in all our mergings, physical and financial. Venus is using her own money for these family desires she has. Jupiter is reminding her to not try to manipulate through the use of her money, but to do so out of a real desire to nurture and heal. We have healing here as this aspect involves both Healing Planets so soak up the new intimate philosophy and apply it to family as well.

At 10:15pm the Sun Ingresses Gemini.

We will suddenly see some of our plans and desires that Venus brought out through her Transit of Gemini more clearly. We will begin to set goals around local activities, within our neighborhoods and with siblings/cousins. We may suddenly realize its time to clean out our cars! It can be that mundane where Mercury/Gemini is concerned. But for the next 30 days our communications will be clearer and we can set goals according to what does get communicated to us or from us.

At 5:47am on Monday morning the Sun at 0:18 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 0:18 Taurus.

A minor aspect of clarifying revelation around communicating our desires. Or making plans within our community using our own resources. Or we see what resources are necessary in our local communities and we set goals to acquire them. Or we might notice that our own siblings and cousins could use some resources and we set goals to provide for them. Social networking and philanthropy could be part of our new local goals. Uranus in Taurus is shaking up our old fixed earth belongings and helping us to find new ways to be more giving. On Tuesday afternoon the Sun Sextiles Chiron as well bringing in the other half of Soul Awareness (Uranus + Chiron) to the equation.





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