Venus Ingresses Cancer – May 19

Most of Saturday’s aspects have just occurred, but you might recall how they felt.

At 2:17am (EST) the Sun at 28:14 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 16:14 Pisces.

This is the 2nd half of the Sun Straddling the North Node in Leo and Neptune both in a Quintile. You may have been able to glimpse into some deep, Soulful stuff over the last few days. At the midpoint of these 2 Quintiles the Sun crossed a Square to the degree of the Feb 15 Solar Eclipse so whatever 5D stuff these Quintiles brought to light (via the Sun), it was somehow related to the Solar Eclipse at 27:18 Aquarius. Aquarius brings CHANGE and self-awareness. You have been undergoing some ‘Fresh Start’ in the area of life where you have 27+ Aquarius in your chart. The Square of the Sun from Taurus would put the issue of money into play. But the Quintiles the Sun has been making has helped to remove any subconscious angst around using money for romance, fun or the change you are making based on new self-awareness.

At 6:50am Mars at 1:15 Aquarius Semi-Squared Neptune at 16:15 Pisces.

Here our unexpected actions or aggression didn’t sit so well with our ability to sleep or with our subconscious mind. It might have raised a bit of fear as our actions, or a male, may have even surprised us. NOTE: From the very minute that Mars Ingressed Aquarius it was very obvious in the young male elementary students that I work with. Mars going from being in better control in Capricorn and his jump into Aquarius where the ‘Fixed Air’ energy just seems to fuel his craziness has been a major shift for them;) With this aspect, their own subconscious fears may have arisen showing them there are consequences for some of these actions.

At 9:10am Venus Ingresses Cancer.

From Chatty Cathy to self-protective Beth (Hebrew name for ‘house’ which Cancer rules), our desires are going to be discussed/shared only with those in our close circle rather than the entire neighborhood. We will want to beautify our homes and yards, to nurture those we love and to purchase some land or other items for the home.

At 1:30pm Venus at 0:13 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 0:13 Taurus.

Venus rules Taurus so she rules Uranus for the time being. So the revelations here will certainly involve our own resources for our personal use and the benefit of the family. Uranus in Taurus can bring a change to our Fixed Earth where Taureans tend not to ever move far from home. Uranus is changing up our desires and moving us in various parts of our lives (where we have early Taurus by House placement in our Natal Charts). Here moms could make their own resources available to family or any woman in the family could be offering her resources to restore family homestead and land.

At 1:56am on Sunday morning Mars at 1:32 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 1:32 Aries.

Mars seems to be getting hit hard right now, but this Sextile will help. Unexpected actions at this time will be more beneficial.


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