Sun Straddles 2 Quintiles – May 17-19

Over the next few days the Sun in Taurus will be in the middle of a Quintile to the North Node in Leo and Neptune in Pisces. That means the NN will soon Biquintile Neptune. It may be too deep and Soulful to detect and certainly lost the noise of life, but the Sun in the middle of them both often clarity to what is going on around earned income, our personal resources, beauty and values. AND the Sun will move across a Square to the Feb 15 Solar Eclipse degree as the Sun rolls through both of these Quintiles. A lot is going! …. and Black Moon Lillith Conjuncts Pluto Rx too!!

At 8:12am (EST) on Thursday the Sun at 26:33 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 8:33 Leo.

The North Node in Leo has really accompanied much of the sexual harassment energy of Jupiter in Scorpio (holding to a higher standard of intimacy) and Pluto in Capricorn (misuse of power by father-like authorities). Leo rules fun, romance and casual sex as well as children. The NN brings up Soulful lessons in these areas as it Transits and via the Eclipses that the Nodes of Fate determine.

But this aspect is also Soulful and magical from the Sign of touch and personal values and self-worth. You can see how to keep your own self-worth while engaging in romantic endeavors. And it will be effortless to keep the romance truly loving.

By midnight on Thursday Black Moon Lillith at 21:08 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto Rx at 21:08 Capricorn.

This is a 5D view of career goals and uses of power as well as transparency and honesty in sex and financial sharing! If  you find yourself knee deep (Saturn/Capricorn rules the knees;) in these issues, use BML’s 5D X-ray vision to see through the issues. You could find real ways to move your career forward in spite of any Pluto-types you have encountered over the last several years. I would love to hear any stories you have of this energy in your life.

On Friday the Sun will cross 27:18 Taurus and Square the degree of the Feb 15 Solar Eclipse.

Some issue related to the Eclipse will likely surface again and show us a bit more about the Eclipse’s purpose and what was our ‘Fresh Start’ from the Eclipse. Depending on how it hits your Personal Planets, the Eclipse can bring a wide variety of issues to the surface. This is a hard aspect of some reality even though it is clarifying.

At 2:17am on Saturday the Sun at 28:14 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 16:14 Pisces.

Now we have the clarity around our desires and any subconscious fears. It will be effortless the way you can see your fears around touch and use of your personal resources and beauty while at the same time loving another. Money issues can be addressed and goals set without any hesitation. You feel like using your resources in a loving way that offers support to another and gratitude is a wonderful result of this energy.

NOTE: On Friday Mercury makes 2 aspects that occur in the midst of the Sun’s Quintiles to the NN and Neptune. But seeing these aspects from the Sun and the way they are strung together is very powerful.


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