Taurus New Moon & Uranus into Taurus – May 15

This is a day I have been waiting for!! I think you will enjoy watching some of it, too. Don’t react to any fast changes that surprise you. Simply stay centered and in awe of some of what Uranus plans to do as he Transits Taurus.

At 7:48am (EST) on Tuesday the Moon at 24:36 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 24:36 Taurus creating the New Moon in Taurus.

This is our annual ‘Fresh Start’ around earned income, acquiring resources, creating beauty through planting and growing flowers and crops, and much more. Taurus is Fixed Earth and its where we can take time to feel beautiful, soak up luxurious things and eat to our hearts’ content.

Around Northern Michigan, where I live, it is the time to seek summer work in order to acquire goods and money. The last month we were moving around after a long winter and trying to initiate a new personal cycle. Now we are in the 2nd stage of that cycle. However each of us has Taurus in another House of our chart and this New Moon will be ushering in a ‘Fresh Start’ around the energies of that House as well as all things Taurus.

Taurus Suns have much to celebrate today starting around 11:16am.

At 11:16am Uranus Ingresses Taurus!

As a Scorpio Sun I have many Taurus ‘friends’ as Taurus is my natural 7th House of partnership and friendship. Taurus natives have had Uranus in their 12th House for the last 7 years (he stayed in Taurus from Mar 12, 2011). This can bring up a lot of unusual subconscious behavior that can wreak havoc on relationships as Uranus in Aries was unexpected aggression. Coming from the subconscious, they couldn’t see it coming! Now they will have so much revelation to share with the rest of us. Be sure to pay close attention to your Taurus friends, family and acquaintances for the shift this Ingression with bring to them.

For the rest of us, Uranus will shake up the area of our lives where we have 0-2 Taurus over the rest of the year. Though he will Retrograde back into Aries from Aug 7 – Jan 2, 2019. While his Ingressions are known to bring unexpected change in ways only Uranus can do, he usually has his most pronounced Ingression energy at this final cross from Aries to Taurus that won’t occur for another year.

Still we will get some inspiration and revelation into the purpose of his Transit through Taurus. Looked for those who have NEVER left their homes (Taurus Suns for example) to finally make some big changes and leave their Fixed Earth abode. Look for love at first sight situations, but remember that Uranian ‘relationships’ are more like shooting stars: they burn bright and fast. Look for new beauty trends that are shocking and surprising. Look for changes in our fixed financial institutions and our own personal financial pictures. Uranus likes to equalize things so keep this in mind.

The rest of Tuesday could start to get interesting so stay away from any ground that isn’t solid and avoid areas prone to sinkholes;) Because Mars will Ingress Aquarius just after midnight and Square Uranus at 1:04am on Wednesday.


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