Seeing Sexual Integrity – May 8/9

From now through Saturday the Sun and Venus will both aspect Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx, and then each other, bringing us some clarity around our new philosophy of intimacy (Jupiter in Scorpio) and any authority-type’s misuse of power. Jupiter and Pluto have been bringing up the sexual harassment issues of the last several years, and in some cases decades, for transparency in order to create new ideals.

At 8:39pm on Tuesday the Sun at 18:21 Taurus Opposes Jupiter Rx at 18:21 Scorpio.

This is some clarity around how our new philosophy around intimacy affects our sense of love and touch. Should we begin touch if we are not being honest and transparent around our intentions? Should we use our own resources before merging with another in ways that may ‘commit’ us to coercion? There is also some good fortune to be had here when we see who it is we want to touch and why. This is definitely an interpersonal aspect!

At 2:36pm on Wednesday Venus at 18:16 Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 18:16 Scorpio.

Here we have some desire to communicate some of our new philosophical understandings though we must first make some adjustment. Jupiter expands our view of Scorpio integrity, but Venus in Gemini can be fickle and not really focused in her desires as she might otherwise be. This could bring in some adjustment. Does beauty play a role in communicating to others about our desires? You know the old saying, ‘she was asking for it.’ Jupiter elevates the communication to a greater understanding. But, still, do we teach (Gemini, early childhood education) our girls to dress to attract? Just some of the stray insights you might have under these aspects.

I will write about the others closer to their exacting dates as the clarity of Tuesday will shed more light on what is being seen and desired.

But on Friday, the Sun Trines Pluto and Venus Quincunx Pluto. On Saturday, just after midnight, the Sun and Venus will be Semi-Sextile. Watch for clarity and how it affects your desires.



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