Desiring Much this Weekend – May 6/7

Early Saturday we had 2 aspects. See if you can recall what occurred for you around these times. Keep in mind these aspects affect each of us differently depending on the Houses where they occur in our Natal Charts and any Planets we have in the Sign and Houses where the Transiting Planets are at the moment. I write about each aspect in general terms based on the Signs they are each Transiting. Your Natal Chart adds more dimensions personalizing each aspect for you.

At 4:11am on Saturday Venus at 12:55 Gemini Quintiled Chiron at 0:55 Aries.

You may have found yourself wishing to communicate with someone, but you were doing so at the Soul-level and likely there was no physical form of communication. Chiron in Aries is insecurity around initiating and Venus in Gemini desires to communicate, but rest assured the one you were desiring was likely desiring you as well;) If it is a 5D-relatingship with loads of magic and Noviles between your charts.

At 7:04am Mercury at 18:49 Aries Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 18:49 Scorpio.

Now you may have initiated some communication or you adjusted your motivation to do so in order to better apply your new intimate philosophy of honesty and transparency. Mercury can bring in some duality and if you were thinking about someone other than the person in front of  you, you may have decided to NOT communicate as it wasn’t in the higher good of all right now.

At 9:12am on Sunday the Sun at 15:58 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 0:58 Aries.

This is part of a 3-way the Sun is making to both Chiron and Neptune at the same time (see below). Here we are likely to feel/or see a bit of ‘lack’ around love and/or the inability to act on our desires. Go into gratitude for anyone you do see that is experiencing what you desire and know that the wheel of fortune spins back around.

At 9:56am the Sun at 15:59 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 15:59 Pisces.

Now we have some assistance from our subconscious and seeing how we can achieve our desires if we are patient and have faith. These desires are all in the areas of Taurus: earned income, acquisition of values and resources, beauty, love, finances, personal values, etc.

At 11:59am Venus at 14:31 Gemini Semi-Squares Uranus at 29:31 Aries.

Kind of a Part 2 around our desires and Soul Awareness if you find a connection to the story with Venus Quintile Chiron early Saturday and now the 2nd half of unexpected realization of our desires. Though the Semi-Square may not be exactly what we were thinking our desires would be, they will shake us out of our rut and put us on a new path using a different mode of transportation even;) Philanthropy, gifting someone in need is also possible. If you are the receiver, be sure to rise about any pain and show the gratitude that results in even greater abundance. Venus in Gemini can be a beautiful car, loving words, desires for someone younger or your neighbor and many more things. Uranus can be a man or action that changes things up for you.


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