Equalizing Resources, Uranus in Taurus

In 12 days Uranus will Ingress Taurus bringing us into a whole new realm of change, awareness, shock and awe that only he can deliver. Bookending this Ingression will be Mars (newly in his Shadow Phase 1 of his impending Retrograde as of May 12), first Quintile to Jupiter and then Ingressing Aquarius and Squaring Uranus. As well as the New Moon at 24:36 Taurus just 3 hours before Uranus’ moving into Taurus.

Uranus rules change, bizarre things, unexpected incidents and he generally loves to shake up the status quo for a new order that brings greater equality and personal freedom. Uranus rules Aquarius and Fixed Air. Aquarians want to save the world and they have some very fixed ideas on how to do that. Uranus ushers in the change so that a new structure can be seen, applied and realized. He rules philanthropy as a result of equality, freedom and enlightenment.

Uranus spends 7 years in a Sign. He Ingressed Aries on Mar 11, 2011 and brought us the 8.9 Earthquake in Japan. In the Earth’s chart, Aries rules the body of the Earth and Uranus brought change to it. Also awareness of how interconnected our energetic exchange is. Though it happened in Japan, it had global impact.

As he hovers at 29+ degrees of Aries over the next 12 days, we will be wrapping up some of the things we have learned during his stay there. Though he will Retrograde back to Aries, for the final wrap, from Aug 7 – Jan 3, 2019.

Taurus rules Fixed Earth, our available resources, finances, our personal acquisitions, our values, our beauty, throat and luxury. When Uranus Ingresses a Sign, he brings out an unexpected awareness or revelation around that Sign’s energies. He brings CHANGE. He will announce his entrance either on this Ingress or next Jan 3 or both. You will get to feel the shift and begin to align with the enlightened, and inspired, view he has to offer.

There has been a global building of wealth to an elite and within various countries. Uranus’s 84 year cycle brings about a leveling affect to Taurus.  The ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ will now need to be make more equal. Some people will simply wake up to a Uranian flash and divest themselves of their many belongings. They will recognize how freeing it is to be lighter in their wallet and in their belongings. Others will increase their random acts of kindness and philanthropy will be in vogue. In fact, on Billionaire’s 7th episode this Season, Axe mentioned Venture Philanthropy. Investing in non-profit enterprises was the new wave he was advocating.

In 3D Uranus in Taurus would be bringing financial instability. But from 5D it is merely a leveling of a very uneven playing field. ‘Entitlement’ as the younger generations are known to expect or require. Or ‘mind control’ as Orwell wrote. But Uranus works like a electric current of energy and awareness. Who is in control of this? Only our Higher selves. Ride the new wave. Be jolted by the new wattage. But get ready to see ‘ownership’ being rocked in very big ways.

The order of aspects surrounding Uranus’ Ingression is very notable:

At 11:22pm on May 14 Mars at 29:35 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter Rx at 17:35 Scorpio.

Mars is wrapping up some career and authority issues for you and this aspect suggests that your actions are in line with Jupiter’s honesty and transparency philosophy around shared resources and physical merging (aka sex).

At 7:48am on May 15 we have the New Moon at 24:36 Taurus.

This annual New Moon is the time to plant our crops in the Fixed Earth of Venus’ bounty. The next 2 weeks will bring about some fresh start in all Taurus areas of life: possessions, earned income, beauty, values, and desires.

At 11:16am on May 15 Uranus Ingresses Taurus.

He will now be ruled by Venus rather than Mars. We will feel a major shift from ACTING on our revelations to DESIRING change that may be slower to bring about. It will mean we need to dig up Earth rather than just move our own bodies.

At 12:55am on May 16 Mars Ingresses Aquarius.

Mars goes from the Earth Sign of Capricorn, where he is ruled by Saturn, and into Uranus’ Sign of Fixed Air. He will be acting on new thoughts and ideas here. It will strike him as very odd to suddenly want to shake up some the structures he was recently initiating. He is reminded in Aquarius that power that does NOT support the greater good is a misuse of power. He wants more equality and fairness.

At 3:04am on May 16 Mars at 0:02 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 0:02 Taurus.

This can be an aspect of ‘accident prone’ but likely mostly to do with acting on our new ideas. Depending on how this hits your Natal chart, however, don’t climb any rickety ladders today. Think ahead to watch for awareness and use the energy in its best expression: acting nobly for others benefit, sharing what you have in random acts of kindness, acting to bring about more equality and fairness. Uranus will rule Mars now through most of his Retrograde cycle. Mars will Rx on Jun 26 at 9:13 Aquarius. Under the influence of Uranus, our motivations and actions will align with our changed desires to be more equitable in financial dealings and caring for the collective whole of humanity rather than our own needs exclusively.






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