Magical Romance & Fun – May 2

Wednesday we have Neptune applying in a Biquintile to the North Node. This may be so deep as to be hard to discern. Or so magical we almost won’t believe it. Surreal is the word that comes to my mind. To assist us in identifying this aspect, we will have Venus Sextiling the North Node and Mercury Semi-Sextile to Neptune. Let these aspects reveal the depth of this magical undercurrent.

At 5:12pm Venus at 9:56 Gemini Sextiles the North Node at 9:56 Leo.

Venus is leading the pack of Personal Planets through the Zodiac Signs. She has us already seeking beauty in our local surrounding, making plans with siblings and classmates for the summer, acquiring resources through local endeavors, etc. Now she makes a productive aspect to the NN who is making double-magic with Neptune all day. We can see how our desires are being Soulfully and subconsciously supported. Romance, children, creativity are all beautiful ways to spend this evening. Look for the beauty that is right next door to you. No need to look very far. You might just walk down the street to the local tattoo shop to declare your love in writing (very Venus in Gemini thing to do;)

At 6:03pm Mercury at 15:54 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 15:54 Pisces.

And just as you are feeling beautiful and having an amazing time you are likely to say or hear (or write) something wonderful that comes from deep inside you. Even if someone else says it, you can know it as your own truth. There is likely to be some action that accompanies the expression, too, so make a note of the magic occurring and go with the flow.

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets on Thursday or Friday so the energies you are feeling will be to your own Natal Chart.


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