Soulful Clarity of Values & Resources – Apr 30/May 1

At 2:17pm (EST) on Monday the Sun at 10:21 Taurus Squares the North Node at 10:21 Leo.

Some clarity around your resources/finances, beauty, values and earned income that seems a bit at odds with your Soulful sense of fun and romance or with children. As I write this, the aspect is almost exact and is providing me with some interesting personal thoughts of my own. I hope you are receiving the clarity you need to keep things on track. You have been finding yourself less social or less group-minded over the last 9 months or so with the South Node, letting go energy, in Aquarius. If you are setting financial goals today around your new creative ventures, or seeing the value in building a nest egg for your children, you might be feeling this Square. It is ok to seek your own fun and your own spotlight. You may need to do so in order to achieve the financial goals you have set.

At 9:06pm on Tuesday Venus at 8:55 Gemini Ses-Squares Mars at 23:55 Capricorn.

Venus is chatty right now and trying to pin down some plans for earned income in her local community or buying a new car. She will need to adjust her desires in order to create an ease with that man who is the bread-winner or the male side of her own mind that wants social status but not at the expense of the foundation he is building.

At 10:24pm on Venus at 8:59 Gemini Quincunx Saturn Rx at 8:59 Capricorn.

After she reconciles her desires with her own actions for status and career, she must then adjust to some Karmic player in her life that is an authority of some sort. Or she must realize there are boundaries that need to be followed as she plans to acquire her desires.

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