Mercury Square Saturn Rx – Apr 25

At 5:28pm (EST) on Wednesday Mercury at 9:06 Aries Squares Saturn Rx at 9:06 Capricorn.

As you can see in the image above, this is the 3rd Square since Mar 11 due to Mercury’s Rx cycle. Now Saturn is Rx and Mercury is Direct. But it is their final Opening Square in this cycle. Likely something was revised between the 1st and 2nd aspect and now we have the final say on something regarding our own initiative in securing a new career or public status such as some form of recognition. As Saturn is now Rx (Retrograde), we may be revising the structures we have put in place since the first of the year.

The Square means there can be some challenge around any words spoken or shared today. Mercury in Aries can bring aggressive words and so near to Mars’ Conjunction to Pluto (both in Capricorn) that exacts on Thursday we could be hearing something that sparks our very strong actions to secure some power at that time.

Look at the dates in the chart above to see what story is part of this current Mercury/Saturn cycle for you. If you need more insight, I am available for Readings. Text or call me at 704-488-0204.

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