Pushing Through to Success- Apr 24

At 1:13am (EST) on Tuesday morning Mars at 20:12 Capricorn Sextiled Jupiter Rx at 20:12 Scorpio.

A productive aspect between the way you are pursuing your career goals and applying honesty and transparency in all your financial and sexual mingling. Over the next few days Mars will be applying to Conjunct Pluto and he is in orb right now to make this a 3-way event. Our actions can show us what Jupiter Rx and Pluto Rx in Sextile last Saturday have been working on over the last few months or more.

At 12:40pm Venus ingresses Gemini.

Now the girls get chatty or guys may be chatting them up too. Our desires become less fixed than they were with Venus in her own Sign of Taurus which rules Fixed Earth. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and likes to talk, communicate, drive everywhere around the community and gossip on occasion. Venus here will have us talking with siblings, neighbors and cousins as we discover information about possible income sources and love interests.

At 8:41pm Venus at 0:24 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 0:24 Aries.

If you have found yourself more inhibited in the area of life where you have 0+ Aries, you may have Chiron to thank for that. Chiron in Aries brings up insecurities in asserting yourself or around the ways you make a first impression. The Sextile to Venus will offer some reprieve as you mingle in your community tonight. Venus has healing in her repertoire so make use of it as you small-talk with others you haven’t had time to see over the last few months.

If you are feeling some intensity building in your career or in the area of life where you have 18-21 Capricorn, you are feeling the Stellium of Black Moon Lillith, Mars and Pluto within these degrees. It can be a volatile mix or one that causes you to push through to some level of success. Use this energy with awareness to move mountains and open some new pathways for you to succeed.

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