Desires Take Center Stage – Apr 23

At 12:34pm (EST) on Monday Venus at 28:47 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 28:47 Aries.

Here we have easy, minor changes to our desires affecting our earned income and finances and/or our personal path to freedom or the ways we initiate self and passion.

At 9:34pm Venus at 29:14 Taurus Quintiles the North Node at 11:14 Leo.

This is Part 2 of a rolling Quintile Venus has to both Neptune and the North Node from Sunday through Tuesday morning. She is sitting pretty from a subconscious standpoint and a Soulful one as well. Romance, creativity and children seem to effortlessly fall into her lap while the subconscious makes it all magically tangible.

And with this aspect, Venus wraps up her recent aspects to many Outer Planets allowing us to get a great number of perspectives and insights into the new annual cycle of our desires and resources. HOW you earn a living is in the spotlight. HOW you acquire resources, if you are not working, was also revealed this through these aspects. As well as WHO you love.

At 1:13am on Tuesday morning Mars at 20:12 Capricorn Sextiles Jupiter Rx at 20:12 Scorpio.

While our desires are still in the glow of magic, our career motivations get some helpful support from applying a transparent and honest approach to intimacy and shared resources.

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