Pluto Stations & Magical Desires-Apr20-22

At 3:07am (EST) on Friday the Sun at 0:09 Taurus Semi-Sextiled Chiron at 0:09 Aries.

This is occurring with Chiron on the exact same degree and minute as the magical aspect from Mars on Thursday evening and newly Ingressed in Aries. It is the Sun’s first aspect after Ingressing Taurus last night. Gratitude is available here as you get more grounded in the your desires.

At 1:27pm the Sun at 0:35 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 15:35 Pisces.

A bit of irritation around our desires and finances that has us unsettled in our subconscious. But the Sun offers light into Neptune’s shroud of fog showing us a bit of what he is dissolving in the area of our lives (as shown my House placement in your Natal Chart) where we each have 15+ Pisces.

At 11:26am on Sunday Pluto Stations Retrograde at 21:17 Capricorn.

He has been slowing down as he moved to 21 degrees Capricorn on Mar 20 and he will remain on this degree until May 28. Saturn will cross over this exact position on New Year’s Eve, 2019 and begin applying to Conjunct Pluto at 22:45 on Jan 12, 2020. With both of these Planets Transiting Capricorn now we are seeing a new for integrity within our public structures and all forms of authority. Jupiter in Scorpio is reiterating this and making it paramount to address any lack of integrity. Pluto will be on this same degree and minute on Apr 26 when Mars Conjuncts him there. There is about to be a full-frontal assault to some form of authority and maybe against anyone who has been manipulating you in some fashion. However, this can easily be an internal battle as you decide where your integrity lies. Pluto and Mars are co-rulers of Scorpio and ruling Jupiter at the moment. The highest vibration of Scorpio’s intimacy is honesty and transparency. Prepare to be challenged on this in some way.

At 2:06pm Venus at 27:38 Taurus Quintiles Neptune at 15:38 Pisces.

This is some magical desires to touch that will be effortless and fearless. Or you will see how whatever resources you have at the moment are more than enough to sustain you. Or someone may offer you resources that you need right now. It doesn’t get much better than this for the moment;)

On Monday evening Venus will Quintile the North Node at 11:14 Leo. So she is in a rolling Quintile to both Neptune and NN through Sunday and Monday. This will bring in some Soulful fun, romance and entertainment to your fearless desires.

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