Historically Volatile Day – Apr 19

The Sun rules real-time and is the basis for our annual ‘calendar’. So roughly each year the Sun is on the Anaretic (critical) degree of Aries on April 19th. This date is infamous as the start of the American Revolution, Oklahoma City Bombing, WACO and associated with a week of ‘school incidents’ like Columbine (Apr 20), etc. Oh!… and my wedding anniversary and the first Boston Marathon;) NOTE: Divorced now and separated when Saturn Opposed Pluto pretty much creating 9/11 and falling across my ASC/DSC. You get the picture! But I digress.

While I haven’t looked at the charts of each of these incidents, it doesn’t happen every year so there are certainly other Planetary energies involved. BUT the critical degree of Aries IS one of aggression, taking action at the very last that is fateful in some way. I do know that on Apr 19, 1775 when the American Revolution started, Pluto was in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries, as they both are today. I will be writing more about this in coming days. But for now, please get through this day unscathed. The Sun just Conjuncted Uranus and you have your roadmap for your goals and purpose. Don’t let this Anaretic degree trip you up.

Thursday appears quiet until after 5:00pm (EST).

At 5:23pm Venus at 24:09 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 9:09 Capricorn.

This is Saturn’s first aspect since Stationing Rx on Tuesday night. Both Planets are in the Signs they rule making their energies true to their nature. A Ses-Square requires an adjustment that creates an ease. Both are in Earth Signs so this adjustment will make good, practical sense and help you achieve your desires more efficiently.

At 8:24pm Mercury at 5:40 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 20:40 Scorpio.

If you are looking to pursue some intimacy, you will need to adjust your words to meet Jupiter’s honesty and transparency requirement. All will go well then. This involves sexual and financial sharing or actions taken to promote more transparency.

At 10:28pm Mars at 18:09 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 0:09 Aries.

This is a helpful aspect as Mars now rules Chiron who is newly in Aries. Our career goals and actions will magically smooth over any insecurities that we might feel. You may just find yourself arriving at a place you hadn’t imagined in your efforts to get ahead.

At 11:12pm on Thursday the Sun Ingresses Taurus.

Whew! We didn’t have a major catastrophe and now the Sun is safely in Taurus. If the new awareness of your path ahead (as seen at the Sun’s Conjunction to Uranus on Wednesday morning-10:00am) requires some financial resources to get you there, this next month should provide you with a way to do so. You can become clear as to what resources you are working with, what you love to do and what your desires are. The Sun will clarify these as well as show you what you truly value.

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