3-Way & Tuesday’s Major Twists – Apr 17

Over the next week Venus will aspect Jupiter Rx, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and the North Node and Chiron! She will be in Gemini as she meets Chiron. But it is a significant week to see our new desires from the perspective of the Interpersonal Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) and the Outer/Generational Planet (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and 2 Soul-Level points (NN and Chiron). Our own resources and how we hold onto them are being examined from many perspectives.

At 2:59am on Tuesday Venus at 20:58 Taurus Opposes Jupiter Rx at 20:58 Scorpio.

This is Part 2 of a 3-way involving Jupiter Rx and Pluto who exacted their Sextile on Saturday morning.

Venus is leading the pack of the Personal Planets in this annual cycle. She is showing us our new desires to acquire before our reality (Sun) and conscious/planning mind (Mercury) have caught up to it. Jupiter is keeping our intimate sharing (both physical/sexual and financial) above board. He is holding us to a higher standard which doesn’t allow for selfish interests. Venus and Jupiter are our 2 Healing Planets so this is a helpful aspect in most ways. 3D perspectives will caution you on promising too much of your own desires which you can’t deliver. But that is just another form of ‘separation consciousness’ which IS 3D. So how about if we use this energy to see how we can play a role in keeping our collective financial dealings above board and be willing to put some of our own skin (resources) into the mix. This is precisely what Baby-Boomers have needed to do for years in order to work out a suitable solution with their grandchildren’s future. Can we see today that our own acquisition is taking from the collective resources? What can we do to really heal the rift between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’? Keep in mind that in 5D you really have no reason to ‘acquire’ and ‘hold’ as the Universe is infinite and your Merlin Mind can change the reality from time-to-time. But I wax poetic because my 2nd House of earned income is IN Sagittarius by Sun Sign. I can go to 0$ in my pocket at any time and know the Universe abhors a vacuum and I will have what I need. Its really like a video game where you find those special totems to help you move along. They are there. Believing in something higher than your own stockpile of resources is perhaps the best message of this aspect;)

At 4:09am Chiron Ingresses Aries.

Chiron in Aries brings up our personal insecurities. We can be wounded by the first impression that we make. As Chiron hovered at 29 Pisces we were getting some glimpse into what these insecurities might be. Racial friction is likely to be REALLY felt under this aspect. Insecure people are like atoms with a deficient electron ring bouncing off of one another trying to complete their ring for that one golden glimpse of wholeness until they lose an electron again. My novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug, presented the idea of what I was called Sacred Chemistry that asserted (hehe, Aries;) in the presence of a noble element (one with a completed electron ring that makes it stable and chemically non-reactive, all other elements would achieve their noble atomic structure and complete their ring becoming stable and ‘noble’ like Merlin or Christ. Just after my novel went to the printers Scientific American published an article titled, ‘Star in a Jar’ and the conclusion was about ‘fusion’ and that in the presence of an noble element all other elements DID achieve their noble atomic structure.

So try to keep this picture in your mind as you see people chemically reacting as they severely notice their incomplete electron ring. All it takes is the presence of compassion which is no fear, non-judgment and coherent emotion that comes from feeling ‘whole’ to spread the nobility of our Soul Awareness.

Its interesting to note that at the start of the American Revolution (Apr 19, 1775) Pluto was in Capricorn and Chiron was in Aries. Aries is aggression. Chiron is insecurity. Many will want to fight to achieve some nobility. But wholeness and oneness is the key.

At 9:04am Venus at 21:17 Taurus Trines Pluto at 21:17 Capricorn.

Part 3 of her 3-way aspect has our desires working easily with any benefactors or authorities we have in our lives. Sexual intimacy is easy as we can agree to sharing our resources as well. Pluto is on the exact position of his impending Retrograde Station that occurs on Apr 22 at 11:26am.

At 9:47pm Saturn at 9:09 Capricorn Stations Retrograde.

There is a message that has been highlighted as Saturn Stations. Look to the House where you have 9:09 Capricorn. Saturn in 3D is Karmic fear, but simply accountability and even deep, intimate bonding in 5D. Adhere to the energy and watch as Saturn initiates new structures in your life where you have early Capricorn. If you are in a Karmic Return, you may have hit your Karma over the last few months fighting with someone that hurt deeply. Now is the time to release that old angst to resolve the Karma. Saturn will Rx back to 2:23 Capricorn Stationing Direct on Sep 5. See how your new structures are getting tweaked to prepare you for the next 28+ year cycle.



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