A Week of Shifting, Changing Energy – Apr 15-22

Saturday afternoon we have one aspect with Mars and Neptune. Sunday we have Mercury Stationing Direct and the New Moon in Aries. And early Monday morning Mercury and Venus bring us irritating words of love.

At 1:27pm (EST) on Saturday Mars at 15:24 Capricorn Sextiled Neptune at 15:24 Pisces.

Our actions for public status or around power worked productively with our subconscious bringing some results that motivated us.

At 5:21am on Sunday Mercury at 4:47 Aries Stations Direct.

Review time is over and we are moving into to the final phase of our revised ideas around our own actions, willpower, men and our the way we assert ourselves. As always, Mercury Rx brought back some ‘ghosts of the past’ (probably men) in the area of your life where you have 4:47-16:54 Aries (the area of life is shown by the House you have at these degrees). Will those ‘ghosts’ be with you moving forward? Probably not, but you have reviewed some old ground and revised your thoughts about things. Just in time for Tax Day in the US!

At 9:57pm on Sunday night the Moon at 26:02 Aries Conjuncts the Sun at 26:02 Aries creating the New Moon.

About 12:00am on Saturday the Moon Ingressed Aries and we began to sync our personal goals and purpose with our feelings about having our own way. Through the Dark of the Moon we can align with the energy of the few month and what the Sun and Moon have in store for us. Its an annual fresh start in the area of your life where you have 26:02 Aries.

At 4:21am on Monday Mercury at 4:49 Aries Semi-Squares Venus at 19:49 Taurus.

This is Mercury’s first aspect now that he is moving Direct again. In Aries, this likely to be some words between men and women that is irritating. The irritation can stem from the revisions you just made around your own ideas and what someone else desires.

The shifts and changes of the rest of this week include:

At 4:09am on Tuesday Chiron Ingresses Aries.

This is a biggie! Chiron has been in Pisces since Apr 20, 2010! Now we will all experience insecurity around the first impression that we make. There is likely to be more ‘isms’ in peoples’ minds as we grapple with the wounding of asserting ourselves. Just chalk it up to Soulful experience;)

At 9:47pm on Tuesday Saturn Stations Retrograde at 9:09 Capricorn.

At 11:12pm on Thursday the Sun Ingresses Taurus.

At 11:26am on Sunday (Apr 22) Pluto Stations Retrograde at 21:17 Capricorn.

And at 12:40pm on Apr 24 Venus Ingresses Gemini.




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