Venus Trine Saturn – Apr 6/7

At 1:05pm (EST) on Friday Mercury Rx 8:01 Aries Semi-Sextiles Venus at 8:01 Taurus.

Venus is leading the pack of Personal Planets at the moment already in Taurus, the Sign she rules. Mercury is revising and re-thinking the way we initiate communication and passion as he continues his Retrograde cycle in Aries. Venus is helping us to see our desires for resources, beauty and our personal values. This aspect is minor but we can communicate some of what Venus is setting our desires on.

You may recall on Mar 20 Mercury and Venus were Conjunct at 16:22 Aries. Venus has changed Signs and Mercury changed direction so they are each showing us something new through today’s aspect.

At 9:36am on Saturday Venus at 9:03 Taurus Trines Saturn at 9:03 Capricorn.

Today we can feel a great ease around our desires to acquire and our new career or public reputation foundation. A Trine is a Transitional aspect and you can ride it into some 5D energy if you use it. This this aspect Venus and Saturn are a 1/3 of the way through their annual cycle. Can you see how your recent desires are aligning with the focus Saturn wants you to place on your public structures, your bread-winning abilities and your sense of leadership?

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