Merc Rx & the Sun Trading Places – Apr 4/5

As Mercury and the Sun separate from their Conjunction on Sunday, they will both move into aspects the other made over the last few days. Communications get clarified. Mercury will Square both Mars and Saturn as they separate from their Conjunction on Sunday as well.

At 3:05am (EST) on Wednesday morning Mercury Rx at 9:51 Aries Squared Mars at 9:51 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect between Mercury, Mars and Saturn. This is Mercury’s first aspect to Mars since he Squared Mars on Feb 28 from 20 Pisces/20 Sagittarius respectively. At this Square both Planets are in different Signs and Mercury is Rx. Mars rules Mercury in Aries, but he is in the Sign Saturn rules and that energy keeps him in check. A Square between these 2 Planets can bring out aggressive communication, angry words that are passionately motivated. Mars in Capricorn is a man taking charge, or our own male energies. Mercury was last at this 9+ degree around Mar 12, but he made no aspects at that time. So this energy is fresh, invigorating action through words. Maybe too strong, but likely still effective. Some career or public reputation motivations are involved. Terms are given with no negotiation. Mercury is in orb to a Square to Saturn already so the effect is to merge both Squares.

At 6:10pm the Sun at 15:05 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 15:05 Pisces.

A minor aspect but one that sheds some light on a hidden aspect wherever you have Neptune Transiting by House at this time. The Sun will show you goals to set and actions to take to manage what Neptune is dissolving. Mercury Rx made this aspect to Neptune on Mar 28 from 14:50 degrees. This aspect should be more clarity to words expressed or thought at that time.

At 4:22am on Thursday Mercury Rx at 9:01 Aries Squares Saturn at 9:01 Capricorn.

This is likely Part 2 of the terms established Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Here is becomes clear who is in the position of authority and has set the terms. You may not be fully on board, but likely to acquiesce until a better aspect comes along to negotiate. That isn’t going to happen until May 18 when Mercury Trines Saturn Rx at 8:25 Aries/Capricorn. In the meantime, Mercury will Square Saturn again on Apr 25 when Saturn is Rx at 9:06 degrees respectively. New foundations in your life are being established and you have your personal marching orders to follow to satisfy the career or social status goals or the authority you are working with.

At 5:49pm the Sun at 16:03 Aries Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 22:03 Scorpio.

What a wonderful feeling this double-magic aspect can create. Mercury Rx was in orb of a Biquintile to Jupiter on Mar 23, but it never exacted. Here we can see how our own personal goals can effortlessly be aligned with our new intimate philosophy. Honesty and transparency are the truest form of intimacy. Here we will see how applying this offers greater success in our passionate pursuits.


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