New Mars/Saturn Cycle – Apr 2

As Mercury and the Sun separate from their Conjunction on Sunday Mercury Rx moves into Square Mars and Saturn and the Sun moves into a Trine with the North Node in Leo.

At 11:44am (EST) Mars at 8:57 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 8:57 Capricorn.2

Our ‘stop’ (Saturn) and ‘go’ (Mars) energies are Conjunct. We can have a stalemate of sorts or a cautious halt to our actions in order to focus in on what we really need to be doing to build a solid foundation in the area of our lives where we have 8:57 Capricorn Natally. This Conjunction begins a new cycle between these 2 Planets. As Mars separates from this Conjunction, he will have new marching orders around how to deal with authority and succeed in career opportunities. You could find yourself halting in mid-stride to be accountable to your very next step.

At 4:15pm the Sun at 13:02 Aries Trine the North Node at 13:02 Leo.

This is nice, easy clarity around our Soulful concepts of fun and how to initiate fun for ourselves and others. The North Node is over halfway through Leo and we should be integrating some broader ideas and goals around our romance, entertainment, creativity and children. Venus made this aspect to the NN on Mar 18 at 14:14 of the respective Signs. Where she brought us personal desires and resources, the Sun will bring the goals to match them.

Over the next 10 days the Sun will move through aspects to Neptune, Jupiter (2x’s) and Pluto as Venus did from Mar 18-23.

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