The Inferior Conjunction – Apr 1

1:53pm on Sunday the Sun at 11:57 Aries Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 11:57 Aries.

This is the Inferior Conjunction (because Mercury is Rx) of the Sun and Mercury in their 165-day cycle. At the Inferior Conjunction we get a glimpse into real goals we have a chance of completing over the remainder of their cycle. There are approximately 3 Inferior Conjunctions and 3 Superior Conjunctions (when Mercury is Direct) each year. This provides us with only 6 days or so each year where our conscious thoughts are in sync with real-time or reality. The remainder of the days Mercury ahead of the Sun can get very carried away with himself creating all sorts of human-style dramas based on unrealistic expectations and when Mercury goes behind the Sun he has issues with being able to ‘believe’ his own abilities to create his un-grounded ‘vanities.’

In Aries, Mercury’s communications can come on very strong and aggressively. He will state things with some bravado that are now being revised as he Retrogrades. The Sun’s Conjunction here is a real wake-up check. What we hear on Sunday is the most clear ideas and realistic goals.

On this cycle, our thoughts, ideas and communications will continue through the revision process of Mercury’s Retrograde. Mercury will Station Direct on Apr 15 at 4:47 Aries (a point that he first Transited on Mar 8 so there may be some revision to words spoken at that time). Once Direct, Mercury will Conjunct the Sun again on Jun 5 at 15:20 Gemini in their Superior Conjunction. This cycle will end at the next Inferior Conjunction on Aug 8 at 16:28 Leo.

In 2018, Mercury’s Retrogrades will be through the 3 Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. But his Rx cycle in Sagittarius will take him back to 27 Scorpio as well. These cycles will be about revising our thoughts and ideas of the ways we assert ourselves (Aries), our sense of fun and creativity and philosophical perspectives (Sagittarius). In Sagittarius, Mercury will have the Higher Mind energy of Jupiter under his wings.

In 5D, Mercury is only our lens to the physical world. Our Higher Minds are better resources for dealing with any physical reality challenges. Watch these Mercury/Sun cycles to better understand how to use the conscious mind to your advantage.


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