Prelude to the Full Moon in Libra – May 30/31

Friday morning thru Saturday morning’s Full Moon is a busy day energy wise. The Personal Planets will again be meeting with the Higher Mind Planets and Soulful Points as well, Chiron and the North Node. Its a lot to take in. Around midnight between the 2 days Venus will Ingress Taurus, her home Sign bringing us some much needed Taurean energy just prior to Uranus Ingressing Taurus on May 15.

At 5:00am (EST) on Friday Venus at 28:59 Aries Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 28:59 Pisces.

This is one minute before each Planet moves into the critical, or Anaretic degree, of their respective Signs. Chiron is just out of his Shadow from his previous Retrograde cycle when he Stationed Retrograde at 28:52 Pisces on Jul 1st. So we are entering new territory outside of the Heartbreak Squares of his last annual cycle. We need to be making peace with the subconscious woundings we have been through since Chiron Ingressed Pisces on April 20, 2010. We will be moving into some new wounding once he Ingresses Aries on Apr 17th. But for now, Venus is adding some healing to Chiron’s final days in Pisces until he Rx’s back to Pisces on Sep 26 into Spring 2019. We are not through with these stories yet, but we can reach out and touch someone we have shared some wounding with today. So DO it as Aries would have you to do.

At 2:22pm Mercury Rx at 13:32 Aries Trines the North Node at 13:32 Leo.

What a nice feeling to have as we initiate some romantic actions and expressions. It should go down quite easily if you remember to think about your partner’s needs as much as your own. This could be a very easy situation with your children as well.

At 7:45pm Mars at 7:29 Capricorn Semi-Squares Jupiter Rx at 22:29 Scorpio.

Some authority type or financial backer could put the moves on you in a way that feels manipulative rather than transparent. Or your own actions could spook an intimate partner and create some irritation between you. Check yourself. Though the next aspect may erase any irritation and replace it with effortless fun.

At 8:08pm Mars at 7:30 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 13:30 Leo.

Now those same actions could be easily accepted as fun or romantic in nature. Men could magically entertain children or initiate structures for more romance with their partners. Your actions today will be effortless and create a magical ease with everyone around you.

At 11:15pm Venus at 29:55 Aries Semi-Squares Neptune at 14:55 Pisces.

Just an hour and a half before she slips into Taurus, Venus will feel a minor subconscious irritation around her personal desires. She wants to act independently, but something will trip her up a bit as she does. She may withhold some touch from someone who she feels a Karmic response to. Do your best to let go of any old fears here and reach out anyway.

At 12:54am on Saturday Venus Ingresses Taurus.

For roughly the next 30 days she will be activating her own Sign’s energies and have us focusing on acquisition of things, our beauty, women in general, love and our personal resources and finances. From Taurus she will Trine Saturn and Pluto, Square the Nodes of Fate, and Oppose Jupiter. She is going to bring up some of the desires that Uranus will begin to shake up after May 15 when he Ingresses Taurus for a 7-year stay (except he will Rx back into Aries later this year).

At 8:37am the Moon at 10:45 Libra Opposes the Sun at 10:45 Aries.

This is a Full Moon that will highlight our feelings about relationships and our own independence. Depending on the House where you have 10+ Aries and Libra, the relationships will be the players of these Houses:

1st House/7th House – You and your close friends, partners and open enemies/competitors (if you are projecting some 3D angst;)

2nd/8th House – Women and your intimate partners

3rd/9th House – siblings/cousins, neighbors, grandparents, foreigners and mentors/spiritual leaders

4th/10th House – mom, dad, family, authorities, politicians, nurturers

5th/11th House – children, romantic partners, entertainers, social network, acquaintances, groups of people

6th/12th House – co-workers, healthcare providers, military, volunteers, service industry types and hidden enemies (subconscious self-undoing)

On Sunday afternoon we have the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 11:57 Aries. Its a day to clarify our goals and communications with what is REAL.

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