5D Soul Awareness Aspect – Mar 24/25

At 12:08pm (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 3:58 Aries Squares Mars at 3:58 Capricorn.

Some motivating energy to set good personal career goals. You can see which structures to initiate to help you start a new cycle of the use of your own power. Now the Square offers a challenge so rise to it rather than fighting anything that seems to stand in your way.

At 5:08am on Sunday Venus at 22:49 Aries Quincunx Jupiter at 23:49 Scorpio.

Now we can make some adjustments to any challenges Venus encountered as she Squared Pluto on Friday. Here she needs to stand in her integrity as she adjusts to Jupiter’s mature, philosophical perspective. Honesty around how your personal desires have require adjusting to an intimate relating-ship.

At 12:36pm the North Node at13:42 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron at 28:42 Pisces.

We are beginning to wrap-up the Chiron in Pisces wounds as he is poised to Ingress Aries on Apr 17. I’ll be writing more about that soon. For now, the NN is helping us to get a Soulful lesson here on any guilt or shame we have been feeling and learning how to laugh it off if we can. Of course that requires some 5D Soul Awareness but we can reach that vis this aspect. Spend time pondering all that has transpired over the last 8 years as Chiron Ingressed Pisces on Apr 20, 2010. There is likely a tie to what the Eclipses have been doing for you as well. Make time to feel this Soul Awareness aspect in play all weekend. Please write to me how it felt for you😄.

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