Purpose & Desires Encounter Pluto – Mar 23

At 2:23pm (EST) on Friday the Sun at 3:04 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 21:03 Capricorn.

Some magical clarity around our own goals and purpose and our benefactor’s authority. Someone they want to see us move forward as much as we do. The energy is effortless and we can see how to manage career issues with surreal ease.

At 7:17pm Venus at 21:04 Aries Squares Pluto at 21:04 Capricorn.

If we are wanting to use our own resources to accomplish our personal goals, we may run into a challenge from our financial backers or intimate partners. We are motivated for our own desires and they want to support us, but our own willfulness may challenge their sense of being in control. Knowing this in advance can soften your response to any over-stepping you might feel from them. Simply acknowledge how they feel and keep to your own plans without acting too willful.

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