Spring Equinox & Merc&Venus Conjunct – Mar 20

At 12:03am (EST) on Tuesday Mercury at 16:22 Aries Conjuncts Venus at 16:22 Aries.

Mercury is slowing down for his impending Retrograde Station on Thursday evening so Venus has caught him again bringing our desires and ideas in sync, sort of. Mercury likes to get ahead of himself the further from the Sun he appears from the Earth’s perspective. He will have to revise some of his ideas during his Rx cycle. But for now, he can express what our desires are that will not be revised for the time being. The types of ideas and desires we have while the Planets are in Aries will be dealing with our own needs and how we initiate action to acquire and to make our own plans.

At this Conjunction both Planets are within orb of a Biquintile to Jupiter. Mercury will not exact this aspect before Stationing Rx. 

At 12:15pm the Sun Ingresses Aries creating the Spring Equinox.

The Sun rules real time and when Ingressing a Cardinal, such as Aries, the Sun initiates a new season. Aries is where things begin so we have birds hatching, flowers blooming and our dormant lifestyles getting more active. Of course if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, the Opposite is true as you are entering the Fall season.

With the Sun in Aries, we now have 3 Personal Planets initiating the new annual cycle. The Sun rules our goals, purpose and clarity. We will begin to SEE what Mercury and Venus have been doing in Aries and how they have brought some new beginnings.

At 12:39pm Venus at 17:01 Aries Biquintiles Jupiter at 23:-01 Scorpio.

With the energy of both Healing Planets (Venus and Jupiter) and both financial Signs/Planets (Venus and Scorpio) and both of the sexes (Aries and Venus) meeting in a double-magic aspect, we can expect some very effortless connections to occur. Is there money you have been needing? Or someone you want to merge with physically? It is possible that the benefactor (Scorpio) involved is a grandparent or more mature person (Jupiter) or a woman could offer you some of her resources. Whatever the scenario, this is a very nice aspect. With all magical/5D aspects, the energy is far stronger when one of your Natal Planets are Conjunct one of the players here.

The magic could linger here until the next 3 aspects that occur from Thursday to Friday that are all magical ones! The only interruption to this magical energy is Mercury’s Retrograde Station.


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