Soulful Desires & Clarity – Mar 18

On Sunday we wrap up the intense aspects made to the North Node through the weekend. It should be easy to see the storyline around children, creativity or romance.  Over this weekend my daughter and I were FaceTiming with her cousin and her 3 small children, we had a Cub Scout Troop serving breakfast at the House I’m staying in during Michelle’s surgery… noisy, but fun. LOTS of children this weekend! But the Pisces New Moon was also in my 5th House by Sun Sign so its likely that affecting it as well.

At 6:39am Venus at 14:14 Aries Trines the North Node at 14:14 Leo.

Mercury was in this aspect on Friday bringing us some ideas and communication around the North Node in Leo’s personal lessons for us. Now Venus will easily align our personal (Aries) desires to the North Node’s Soulful perspective. You may provide some of your own resources to a childrens’ activity or your actions could be the support you offer them. Children or romantic partners are the Soulful players we are working with at the moment. Well, entertainers, too.

At 11:12am Venus at 14:28 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 14:28 Pisces.

Here our desires will also be productively aligned with our subconscious, all-knowing, all-connected mind. Our desires will be easily achieved barring any difficult aspects made to Transiting Neptune in your Natal Chart.

At 7:15pm the Sun at 28:18 Pisces Conjuncts Chiron at 28:18 Pisces.

Now we have some clarity around any pain at the New Moon. Its the perfect aspect to move into gratitude with… even gratitude for any pain you might have suffered during the Heartbreak Squares of Dec 2016-Nov 2017. We can actually SEE how this imperfection has allowed Souls to have a human experience that is invaluable.

At 1:34pm on Monday the Sun at 29:03 Pisces Ses-Squares the North Node at 14:03 Leo.

This is the last aspect made to the North Node from the 6 Planets and Points since Friday. With the Sun’s involvement from Pisces, we should have some very deep clarity around the Soulful Leo lessons of the North Node. It will be a time to SEE how all the various elements of the storyline this weekend merge to provide great depth of understanding. This is the Sun’s last aspect before Ingressing Aries on Tuesday. Then we will be fully clear on the new cycle of activity that the Personal Planets have been initiating since Mercury and Venus Ingressed Aries leaving behind the morphing waters of Pisces.


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