All About the Nodes

Over the next 3 days ( Friday to Sunday 6 Planets and Black Moon Lillith will aspect the North Node in Leo. Here is the order: Mars Ses-Square, Neptune Quincunx, Mercury TrIne, Saturn Biquintile, Venus Trine, BML Quincunx and Sun Ses-Square. As these 6 Planets and BML are Transiting 4 different Signs (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces and Aries. That is a LOT of energetic perspectives around Leo Soul-Level lessons in such a short time. If you’re out for fun this weekend, be sure all parties understand the terms😉.

The NN in Leo has me focused on my daughter, as you know. One of the typical Leo areas. The Soulful part for me was to KNOW she would be fine as it was the Eclipses Square her Natal BML in Scorpio. I watched her quite near total heart failure to bounce back in the 5D way BML is known to allow. Try to find your Soulful Leo lesson you’re going through right now.

On Friday Mercury, Neptune and the NN form a 3-way aspect. Pay attention to what deep, soulful things you are expressing and acting on. Saturday will be effortless and Sunday will bring playful desires and subconscious clarity.

At 12:06pm (EST) on Friday Mars at 29:25 Sagittarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 14:25 Leo.

Mars is wrapping up his tour of Sagittarius where he has helped us to act in our new spiritual philosophy that Saturn helped us build over the last 3 years. The NN is in a Biquintile with Saturn so some of our actions could be effortless in the pursuit of adventure and exploration.

At 4:36pm Neptune at 14:24 Pisces Quincunx the North Node at 14:24 Leo.

Some deep adjustment to accommodate a Soulful approach to fun, romance and children. This is Neptune exacting one leg of the Boomerang Finger of God that has been and will be at play for all of March. The other leg is to Black Moon Lillith at 14:13 Capricorn. BML will exact the Quincunx to the NN at 8:30am on Sunday.

At 5:34pm Mercury at 14:24 Aries Trine North Node at 14:24 Leo.

Here we will express the subconscious adjustment made by Neptune earlier to better align with Soulful Leo energy, but from a personal point of view.

At 5:54pm Mercury at 14:24 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 14:24 Pisces.

Now our personal ideas gels with the subconscious adjustment. Play is good. Romance is fine though shouldn’t just be for fun or someone may get hurt.

Saturday brings Sun Semi-Sextile Uranus, Saturn Buquintile the NN, the New Moon at 26:53 Pisces and Mars Ingresses Capricorn. And all this before 1:00pm!!

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