Wrapping Up a 4-Way Aspect – Mar 13/14

Tuesday morning (EST) Venus made the same aspects to Saturn and Jupiter that Mercury made on Sunday:

At 8:39am Venus at 8:08 Aries Square Saturn at 8:08 Capricorn.

Restriction to our personal desires is likely. How does this match what you heard expressed on Sunday?

At 9:39am Venus at 8:12 Aries Ses-Square Jupiter at 23:12 Scorpio.

There will be some healing understanding around the earlier restriction. And intimacy and sharing of resources can go smoothly after a small adjustment.

At 4:06pm the Sun at 23:11 Pisces Trines Jupiter Rx at 23:11 Scorpio.

This is subconscious ease around intimacy and shared resources. You can set new goals to do better in these areas moving forward.

At 2:10am in Wednesday Mars at 28:01 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 28:01 Pisces.

Men, or our own actions, can bring us wounding pain. Mars has just crossed over the degree of Saturn at the 2nd Heartbreak Square from Apr 30, 2017. Did u notice any reference to that time? Moving away from that Square energy should make this aspect pretty fast-moving though we can feel it for a day or two if it hits a Planet or Point in our own charts. There could be guilt or shame as Chiron in Pisces is best at.

At 7:03am Jupiter at 23:11 Scorpio Semi-Squares Saturn at 8:11 Capricorn.

This is essentially a 4-way wrap-up of aspects involving Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. This is the final bit of irritation perhaps between you and someone else. It could be an intimate partner or a father-like authority. Transparency and honesty, that Jupiter is trying to hold us to could still bring irritation from the authority-type. It is still essential to be honesty and suffer any consequences in silence. Sexual harassment, however, could bring a bit of backlash even if you are merely using Scorpio sarcasm😉.

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